WonderLa Bangalore

WonderLa Bangalore


Wonderla is an amusement park in Bangalore. Its located outside of bangalore towards mysore route. Here’s the map to wonderla. Plan to spend 1 day in wonderla as there are more than 30 rides which you will enjoy. Rides are divided into 2 types dry rides and wet rides. So its better to finish off the dry rides and then start with the wet rides. Some of the rides are really very adventurous like insanity, hurricane, flash drive etc. People suffering from heart disease or nausea should avoid it. Wet rides has water element to it.

Only thing which I didn’t enjoy was the prices of photos. each photo cost from 100 to 150 Rs. They will take picture of you in the wet rides and you can buy it from this amount, For getting the photos written on the cd will cost you around 1000+ which is way too high.


Its better to go in week days as crowd will be less and you will not have to wait in queue to enter each rides. Food are fine in Wonderla. They have locker facility to store your stuff, You will to get a locker and put your stuff so that you will be free to travel around. I even didn’t take make camera to enjoy the rides.


Take the cashless money band which are available for mutiple amount, Pay the cash and carry this waterproof band with  you and use it for transacting at different food joint or photo section. Rest of the amount which was not spend you can get it back once you return the band.

Here’s things to plan

1. Ticket- I went in October 15th which is Dassara holiday time in India, So the ticket prices were more. I had to pay 400 Rs more for the tickets. Normally its around 850, for me it came around 1250 per ticket

2. Clothes to Wear- Since there is rides, both dry and wet hence its recommended that you choose some comfortable clothes instead of jeans. For water related sports, its better you wear T Shirts/ 3/4th or bermuda

3. Outside food is not allowed so plan to buy inside. Food provided inside are good, There are good number of stalls with icecreams, pizza, veg and non veg food item counters etc

4. There are more than 30 Rides and 2 movies and waves, For movies and waves you need to know the time when its going to happens otherwise you have to wait. Some of the rides will turn you upside down hence if you are not used to it, it might have some headache kind of issues, whenever you get it, give some time for yourself before you goto next ride.

Map To Wonderla

Map picture


Map of Wonderla

2940 x 2240 mm_ 2015


Overall it was amazing experience.

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