Vision Board

Vision Board

4. Arranging images and words!

After collecting images and words for your vision board now it’s time to arrange your collected things on the board with the back ground color.

Always choose the background of your vision board according to the theme for example if it is about waking up early you can choose green color for soothing and refreshing your mind. Arrange all the images after choosing right color for your board.



Vision Board Example


5. Reminding your goal!

You can always remember your goals by seeing and having a look upon your vision board regularly. If it’s a physical one you can place it in your room to have a look on it daily and if it’s a digital one you can set it on your pc desktop. Which will help you in achieving your dream goals.

6. Impossible dreams and goals!

Before making your vision board you must be clear yourself that are your goals possible or not? , some of the dreams we want to achieve are not possible in real life to be accomplished so making a vision board regarding these impossible goals and dreams will make you disappointed and heart broken in the end by not getting the results .

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