Vision Board

Vision Board

1. Make a list!

Make a list of all the things which make your life more happy and refreshing. Have a look on your future as well, ask yourself questions regarding your dream life. What are most important things you want to be in your life to be achieved? Why are these important? Ask yourself about your hobbies, goals, career opportunities and your relationship goals for making your vision board more clear.

Asking yourself these questions will help you making your vision board easily.

2. Theme and format of vision board!

The theme and the format of the vision board must be clear and make you remember your goals easily. For example if you are having a goal to learn to play cricket your vision board must have some pictures regarding this sport in order to make you motivated every time you see it . After selecting theme of your vision board now it’s time for the format. It’s totally up to you what format you want. Some of the people wants their vision board to be physical made up of some card sheet to hang it in their room. On the other side most of us wants our vision board to be digital one and make it in our computer like on web page etc. to make it clearer.

Bottom line of choosing format is that whatever format you are choosing you must look and update it on regular basis for further and fast progress.

3. Collecting images and quotes for vision board!

Now you have to collect images and some inspirational quotes in order to make your vision board. You can use old sayings and quotations related to your theme to post on your vision board. You can cut from old magazines or get a printout of the pictures.

You can paste pictures on vision board to make yourself inspired all the time you look at your vision board.

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