Vision Board

Vision Board

What is a vision board!

Vision board is a board where all of your dreams, goals or the things which make you happy are placed or assembled on one place in order to complete your life goals you are dreaming of.

We all want our life to be happy and joyful with all of our dreams to be fulfilled and we all want to achieve the best things in life for better and good future. This is what for vision board is. It’s a board of your dreams just like a picture collage to remind you of your dreams and goals to be fulfilled.

If you have seen the movie “the Secret” or read the “Secret” book then you might have seen the experience by “John Ashraf” , He had created an vision board when he was young, i.e. long time ago and that was about a house, he had totally forgotten about it. And years later when he checked his vision board he was living in that house. It somehow manifested to him.

Everybody will be having different experience with Vision Board, it may not be as shown in the secret movie But its good to have a idea or goal about life ahead and thinking about it will make us to take action. As its written in scripture “Without a Vision People Perish”.

I’m not a big fan of “Law of Attraction” as its mentioned in lot of places but what I’m trying to say is when you have some vision for life then you will take some action to achieve it and that is what Vision board will be doing. Don’t think this as some magic. Your Goals, Dreams, Aspirations should go into your subconscious so that You start to believe in it and would take some action to achieve it.




Some of the pictures I had collected for my Goals. This is a collage which I had created using Microsoft collage creator. I searched online for different goals which I wanted to achieve and then took printout of all the pictures and created a Vision board out of it.

Keep reading to make your own Vision Board…

How to make vision board!

Making vision board is really helpful in making your all goals achieved and make you feel happy in your life. In this blog we are here giving you some tips to manage your vision board and how to make it for a better, happy and pleasurable life.

If you are willing to make a vision board of your goals to have an eye upon your dreams to be accomplished you need to follow these guidelines.



Vision Board Example

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