Using OneNote for Organizing Your life.

Using OneNote for Organizing Your life.


Microsoft OneNote is really very useful tool for organizing your thoughts and journaling your daily activities. It would help to club together all the information in a single point of reference.

I’m Using OneNote for past 6 years and without it it would have been lot of text/doc files and different folders on my machine.


Getting started with OneNote.

Step 1:

Start One note and goto File->New

Select Web because then you will be able to access from anywhere, You will be able to login to Microsoft Drive and access from anywhere.


Enter Notebook name, Select Documents and click on Create Notebook


Step 2:

After you have done step 1, you will be able to see the Notebook. This is divided into Sections And each sections would have pages.


Lets create a Section called Finance, for that you need to right click on “New Section 1” or the “New Section 1” tab.



Similarly for Page for changing the name of the page, you can enter something in the highlighted round rectangle in the page.




Step 3:

You can click anywhere to start writing. It will create a block and inside that you can paste, or write anything.



You can insert table, by clicking on the Insert Menu from the Ribbon. Select number of rows and columns from the drop down.



Step 4:

You can even password protect any sections.



Step 5:

Sometimes you need Section group which will contain many sections. For that you need to right click on the Notebook and select the section group




Step 6:

Some of the interesting thing which you can do with OneNote is You can insert your audio, video, images, files anything which you think is important. Like I like to maintain images. Or any important webpage which I visited or any text which I came across. You can even get selected part of the screen as screen captures. For this you need to just press <Windows Key> + S , Now you can select the area which you want to capture. Its very useful function.



some of the interesting which which you can do with OneNote is

1. You can track  your goals. You and insert checkbox and track it regularly




2. You can store important documents, and password project the section

3. You can use like scratch pad

4. You can even store your financial information and password protect it.

5. Start jotting down daily thoughts.

6. Use it like a journal.



So enjoy your time with OneNote, This tool is worth using.

That’s all Folks. Have a Great Day.

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