Riskiest Jobs In The World

Riskiest Jobs In The World

9. Police officers:

It looks like an easy job but in reality its almost risky job, police officers have to fight against criminals and they sometimes got attacked by these criminals and got severe health injuries.


10. Mechanics:

Repairing your cars and other machines is the job of a mechanic and they sometime got injuries while performing their job by getting hurt in repairing machines.


11. Search and rescue:

If you lost your family member in some river or sea or somewhere else it’s a job of a search and rescue team to search and rescue your family and save them from any trouble but in this situation they often risk their own health in helping others.


12. Landmine remover:

Defusing bombs or removing landmine is one of the most risk taking job in the world it is also in demand now a days because of terror activities which are increasing day by day .


There are many other job also which are risk taking in the world like fisherman, tractor driver , airline pilots , construction workers and many more in which employees sacrifice their life and health just to save others from any trouble or to provide good services to their customers .

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