Riskiest Jobs In The World

Riskiest Jobs In The World

5. Lion tamers:

Taming animal or lion is not an easy job it’s really hard to move a lion on your fingers because lion is one of the most dangerous animal and taming lion is one of the most risk-taking jobs.


6. Line men:

Fixing your electricity lines or phone lines is not an easy job. Person have to work over the poles for hours to provide you good service and it can be risky for them sometimes to work on electric poles.


7. Fire fighters:

Fire fighters are always on their duty to save you from fire in your building or somewhere else they risk their health to save you from fire and often gets severe burns on their body.


8. Astronauts:

Astronauts are the one who travel to space and to different planets to provide us scientific information regarding these planets and space. It’s one of the risky job around the world according to a survey.

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