Review of Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program

Tai Lopez 67 Steps review


Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who recently came to fame because of his 67 steps program. He had done different kinds of business and last ended with this program which is an upselling for many of his program and seminars. He currently owns lot of business in different areas but his main fame is because of 67 steps program. You will find in youtube lot of his videos and also ads in facebook.

I recently joined this program through some referral. Actually I started to see his videos in Youtube and got inspired. According to him he is one of the most watched person in the TED talk where he discusses his strategy of reading 1 book per day and this is what he teaches in his program. This video when I checked had more than 5 million views.

Here’s his TED Talk video on Youtube .


His style is basically showcasing his Lamborghini and books. That’s what successful marketer do.. I like the style, if you are rich then its worth showing. My personal opinion. Smile




Out of curiosity and to become successful I joined this program. Initial offer was around 67$ and I delayed joining this program and after few days got a mail that this is changed to 37$ so I grabbed the offer.

Initial Program Fees includes the 14 days free VIP membership. As per initial documentation and videos it claimed that its easy to cancel the VIP membership hence I joined the program




Now after few days I got this, which claimed that for 7 days I’ll be having this offer of 30$ waived off the program.. So joined without hesitating.




This is what I got after placing the order



Here’s the details for each item



So once I joined, I got below mentioned upselling’s, this is a mini MBA program which is of duration of 18 months. I didn’t wanted to join at this time, seems to be good based on what he is talking in this video.






Now in the 67 Step program , This is what I found.

When  you login, You will see other locked programs as well. Out of this “Twice a Month VIP Live Coaching calls” and “Past Twice A Month VIP Coaching Calls” are vip programs, here you can see its locked. I had unsubscribed from that to prevent 69$ subscription amount.



The program which Tai gives is basically for building up habit of good things. He says that initially this list was more than 300 steps but then he cut shorted it otherwise it will be very difficult to follow and teach and also found out according to research if people do things for 67 days then it will become habit. So he consolidated all steps into 67 important steps.  When you click on 67 steps you will see, Its all video or audio program and an exercise will be given below to finish.




There are different ideas in different videos. These we need to follow for 67 days then follow through out life,  so that habit is formed. Actually these are principals and values which he is trying to bring into the people. Some of the things like hard work, having a mentor, law of 33% etc are all different techniques to improve your life style and success rate in life. He is trying to cover every aspect of life like Money, Investment, Education, Career, Relationship etc.


Overall the program has power if we follow continuously and consistently, And practice it daily in our life. But the major flaw is the video length. To make the point some of the videos are almost more than 2 hours. I normally increase the speed of video to 1.25 or 1.5 to finish it quickly. But if we want something out of this then we need to work hard and absorb all these values he is teaching, which will take some time.  Though we may know all these,  only thing is we don’t have it as part of our daily habit or we don’t follow it consistently. As its said, success leaves trail, so there is specific strategy which we need to follow to become successful and that is what he is trying to teach. I don’t know what’s the success rate of this program, but I overall liked it because it teaches lot of wisdom.


There are videos on different good books like Sam Walton’s “Made In America” , “No Hero” etc. these are reviews by Tai, which will be good if we practice it in our life.


In the VIP section you will find lots of video on previously done coaching calls, which are really good but if you have some money to shell out then only go for it, as subscription amount is around 69$ per month. Some of the industries top leader come and present their view points during “Twice a month vip live coaching calls”. This might be good for aspiring entrepreneur as some of the strategies and inspiration you can get from these videos are really worth it.


Speed Reading

Tai advocates the speed reading, but his concepts are different, He talks about smart reading. He finishes almost 1 book every day, but his concept and approach is different. He reads just the highlights and if necessary goes through the book. So definitely you will be able to finish book quickly. I liked the concept because we normally stick with the book for very long time thinking that we need to learn everything from it, but actually in a book there would be only few important points so why to waste time. His approach for reading classic and Self Help books are different.


How to unsubscribe from the VIP program.

Normally when you take membership for 67 steps you will by default get 14 days access to VIP program and if you don’t’ unsubscribe during this 14 days then 69$ will be charged after that time. To unsubscribe you can send mail to admin which you can get from top link called “Help” or there’s a link called “Cancel VIP”, once you press this there will be video by Tai explaining why you should be in this program.




For me unsubscribing from the VIP program was not difficult I just sent a mail to email address given in help and  there was confirmation for 1 day whether I would like to think again, once I confirmed immediately my subscription was removed for VIP program. But  I was surprised to see couple of the posting which states they are finding difficulty in unsubscribing from the program. But there could be lot of things which we don’t know like how these people are trying to unsubscribe. Maybe there was technical difficulties. I don’t know for sure since for me there was no issues.





Overall I liked the concept what Tai is teaching, I would recommend this program because its not that expensive, its around 37$ or 67$ depending on how you subscribe to it. Few of the items which I would like to mention, Most of the videos there will be upselling to other programs like “Mini MBA” etc. Then there will be mention of lot of his contacts and showcase of his Lamborghini and books etc. So don’t get distracted by it. Main take is build up good habit of success and if we stick to it then  I believe we should be better than what we started at the first place.. Also maybe his other programs might be good as well but currently I would like to finish his 67 steps then move to other programs.

Here’s the link to the program if you are interested to join. Click Here to Join.

That’s all folks. If you have any comments or doubts please leave it below. Have a great day Smile

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