Recommended Books

Recommended Books


1.  King Solomon: The Richest And Wisest Man in History! 

Introduction to King Solomon:

King Solomon was the successor to King David and was known as the greatest king of Israel. He was the wealthiest of all the kings and had ruled in 967 B.C.E. His kingdom was very vast, extending from the Euphrates River in the north to Egypt in South. He maintained his kingdom with a strong army and built amazing colonies along with the temple in Jerusalem, which is also the religious center, it was one of the great achievement in his rule. He was called as the richest and wisest man in History, maintaining nearly twelve thousand horses and horsemen, along with fourteen thousand chariots. Also, he majorly concentrated on strengthening relations with other nations, which made his kingdom peaceful.

What we can gain from this:
King Solomon was well known for being wise and using amazing strategies to become wealthy and prudent, we can learn a lot from him to bring changes in our lives. He had written nearly three thousand proverbs, which are also part of the holy Bible to show us the way and key to wisdom & wealth. Now you can imagine how valuable will it be to learn from someone who is called the wisest & richest man ever lived and this can really unlock our potential.

Don’t you agree with me when I say that everybody wants to become rich, but the only thing lacking is a powerful and effective strategy? So let’s read more to learn the skills which can really make a change in our life, skills like, making firm decisions, creating our own success, being organized, building our own kingdom to rule and a lot more. Once you start reading, you’ll find the step by step process to become prosperous and rich. Then we can take complete control over our lives which will definitely make us confident, happy and free instead of self-pity and depressed.


The Wisest And Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon’s Biblical Principles To Success, Prosperity And Happiness




Learn about the Antiques. Very short read but gives you gist of information on Antiques.


The Ultimate Guide To Antiques: How To Find The Best Antiques and Sell For Best Price



3. Learn about India.

A fabulous book about cultural diversities in India. It also covers some intriguing question about India. A must read book.


India: The Land of Mystery, Mysticism, Mythology, Miracles, Multiculturalism, and Mightiness

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