Wonderful Pondicherry Trip

  Pondicherry or Puducherry is an old town in South India. It was a French colony long time back so we can still see the French houses and architecture in Pondicherry. Some of the local Indian people also speak French […]

Wonderful Munnar

Awesome Munnar, Wonderful place to visit

  “You have to experience Munnar at least once in a lifetime”. I thought this is the best way of writing about my experience at Munnar – truly a paradise on Earth. Munnar is a mesmerizing Hill Station located in […]

wildlife Photographer

How To Become A Wildlife Photographer

  Wildlife photography is not an easy task to do , in order to become most famous wildlife photographer one must face the fear of animals and he must be aware of dangerous deadly accidents which can be happened if […]

Planning your travel

How To Plan Your Travel

  Travelling now a days is a difficult job because it needs a lot of arrangements, money and new ideas. Planning a trip to out of country is real tough task one need to make sure that he have all […]

25 places to visit before you die

25 Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

Do you love adventures? Or are you a nature lover? This article is for you for sure. Many people always keep finding some exciting places to visit and willing to explore their incredibility. Many of us wants to visit as […]


Vision Board

Vision Board

What is a vision board!

Vision board is a board where all of your dreams, goals or the things which make you happy are placed or assembled on one place in order to complete your life goals you are dreaming of.

We all want our life to be happy and joyful with all of our dreams to be fulfilled and we all want to achieve the best things in life for better and good future. This is what for vision board is. It’s a board of your dreams just like a picture collage to remind you of your dreams and goals to be fulfilled.

If you have seen the movie “the Secret” or read the “Secret” book then you might have seen the experience by “John Ashraf” , He had created an vision board when he was young, i.e. long time ago and that was about a house, he had totally forgotten about it. And years later when he checked his vision board he was living in that house. It somehow manifested to him.

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How To Learn Painting

How to paint


Paintings are the thoughts of the artist and the imaginations of his mind. Painting is a way to express our mind’s thoughts, imagination, inspirations and words more creatively and more deeply. Sometimes it’s really difficult to express our pain or happiness in our expressions and we can take help by painting masterpieces and by converting our thoughts to the beautiful picture…


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How To Improve Your Communication!

How to improve your communication


A good communication skill is most important skill in the daily life routine, in our education, relationship and with our friends and family. We must have good communication skills to convey our message clearly to the one we are communicating with . Our success in life is depending upon on how we communicate with outside world and our inside world. If we communicate negatively with ourselves that will have detrimental effect in becoming successful.

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Review of Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program

Tai Lopez 67 Steps review


Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who recently came to fame because of his 67 steps program. He had done different kinds of business and last ended with this program which is an upselling for many of his program and seminars. He currently owns lot of business in different areas but his main fame is because of 67 steps program. You will find in youtube lot of his videos and also ads in facebook.

I recently joined this program through some referral. Actually I started to see his videos in Youtube and got inspired. According to him he is one of the most watched person in the TED talk where he discusses his strategy of reading 1 book per day and this is what he teaches in his program. This video when I checked had more than 5 million views.

Here’s his TED Talk video on Youtube .

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How To Overcome Procrastination!

How to stop Procrastination


Procrastination is a term used when you continuously delay a job given to you. You are not the only one who is delaying or postponing their job, most of the time people delay and suspend their work just because of laziness and nervousness. It’s a Dream Killer, So Take action soon to overcome this issue.

There are many of us who does not like to do their given work on the exact time but if a person is delaying the given job due to fear of failure it means they can neither fail in that job nor can they can succeed. To have a successful finish of the given job one should not delay their job. Try to do it on the given timeline so you will learn new things even after the failure.


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How To Plan Your Travel

Planning your travel


Travelling now a days is a difficult job because it needs a lot of arrangements, money and new ideas. Planning a trip to out of country is real tough task one need to make sure that he have all the complete documents for the purpose or not.


Travelling can be planned for vacations as well as for some business tour but in both cases you must know the new tricks and ideas for that purpose.

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How to find purpose of life!

purpose of life

Each one of us, sometimes ask our self the main reason of living our life and the importance of our life but sometimes it’s really disturbing and confusing for us to find the one. We often find nothing important in our life but still there is always a hidden purpose and important reason of our life we should be aware of.


To live a happy and pleasurable life one must know and find their purpose of life and then try to achieve and accomplished that desire.


There are some important tips to find purpose of your life given below:

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