Wonderful Pondicherry Trip

  Pondicherry or Puducherry is an old town in South India. It was a French colony long time back so we can still see the French houses and architecture in Pondicherry. Some of the local Indian people also speak French […]

Wonderful Munnar

Awesome Munnar, Wonderful place to visit

  “You have to experience Munnar at least once in a lifetime”. I thought this is the best way of writing about my experience at Munnar – truly a paradise on Earth. Munnar is a mesmerizing Hill Station located in […]

wildlife Photographer

How To Become A Wildlife Photographer

  Wildlife photography is not an easy task to do , in order to become most famous wildlife photographer one must face the fear of animals and he must be aware of dangerous deadly accidents which can be happened if […]

Planning your travel

How To Plan Your Travel

  Travelling now a days is a difficult job because it needs a lot of arrangements, money and new ideas. Planning a trip to out of country is real tough task one need to make sure that he have all […]

25 places to visit before you die

25 Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

Do you love adventures? Or are you a nature lover? This article is for you for sure. Many people always keep finding some exciting places to visit and willing to explore their incredibility. Many of us wants to visit as […]


How To Format Kindle Book



Do you know how to format kindle book before uploading so that it looks good in kindle. You might have struggled a lot with formatting. I did, hence I know. There are lot of writers or publishers who are struggling with the formatting of kindle book. I’ve also struggled in beginning but  after few research and trying out I finally learned how to do it properly. Though amazon gives you proper formatting guidelines but it will be too tedious if you follow it.

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How To Become Good at Mathematics

Learn mathematics easily

Mathematics is one of the toughest subject for many of the people. But how do we excel in this? Is there any strategies for learning maths so that we are not intrigued by its complexity. Universe is governed by Mathematics. If you look around Everything has a pattern and design and that is the main fundamental of understanding Maths in our life.

I still remember 10 days before exam I used to open my Maths book and Man, I used to be baffled by my ignorance. I couldn’t understand anything. All the year I used to shun the subject and just before exam I used to look into it. But later in my life when I was in 10 standard I joined for a Tuition class where the Instructor really took time to teach me different concepts in Maths and I got fascinated by this subject.

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Best Paying Jobs In the World

best paying jobs


Do you know which Job pays the most in the world? This information might help you to choose your career in a better way. Though Business is the highest mode of making money but if you are looking for a job then keep reading.

Everyone in this world wants to earn money at any cost because money is most important element of everyone’s life and we all want money to spend it on the things we love. We want to enjoy our life with all the luxuries in the world and it all needs MONEY.

In order to earn good money one of the way is to get a good paying job to survive in this expensive world.

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Invent, Innovate, Create To Become Financially Free

Invent to become financially free


We all want to be financially free but not sure how to proceed. There are lot of ways by which we can become financially independent and one of the way is to Invent something new or Innovate existing product or process in a better way or to Create something ourselves. These method of inventing or Innovating product or Design done in a proper way could open the door to financial freedom. In this book I’m covering how to go about in Invention, Innovation or Creation business..

You can purchase by clicking on the link below.

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Invent to become financially free

Riskiest Jobs In The World

Riskiest Jobs


In this world full of luxuries we all want to earn money to spend over our dream life and to give our family all the facilities of the world.

People often find it ok to earn money at any cost, and also at risking their own life for that particular job. There are many people who are doing these tough and most risky jobs in the world to earn money.

There are many people who are not willing to do these risky jobs but they have to do it for the sake of their family and their expenses.

Here we are sharing some of the most riskiest jobs around the world.There are many others like coal miner, deep sea explorer, soldier etc. I’ve considered this list based on our day to day interaction with these people but we don’t really think how much riskiest job they are doing.


1. Street sweepers :

2. Stunt men :

3. Mountains guides :

4. Courier carriers:

5. Lion tamers:

6. Line men :

7. Fire fighters :

8. Astronauts :

9. Police officers

10. Mechanics

11. Search and rescue :

12. Landmine remover :

Keep reading to know how this is risky.

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How To Become A Wildlife Photographer

wildlife Photographer


Wildlife photography is not an easy task to do , in order to become most famous wildlife photographer one must face the fear of animals and he must be aware of dangerous deadly accidents which can be happened if no safety precautions taken while doing wildlife photography.


It is one of the most risky and life taking job and people often apply for this job only because of the passion and their love for animals.


You cannot become a good wildlife photographer if you are too much conscious about your health and if you are having too much fear of animals.


If you want to become a successful wildlife photographer you must follow some of the tips given below.

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How To Create Free Landing Page Using Google Form

Free Landing Page


You can create free landing page using Google Form instead of purchasing some expensive option, Though it might be limited in lot of senses but if your purpose is just to collect the email then this should be sufficient.

I tried to find free landing page which I can use for my website but couldn’t. I had tried majority of the free landing page available but didn’t find anything simple like Google Form. Also just creating landing page doesn’t auto respond for the email subscription. Commercially available Landing pages with email support are expensive as its per month based. I was looking for some simple solution for time being, So I experimented with Google Form and at last came up with this solution..

You can use Google Form on a Squeeze page where you can insert the Form in the Opt In section. I’ve given 2 method one using embedded content and another just using elements which we require from the form section.

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