Overcome Social Media Addiction

Overcome Social Media Addiction

Time is money and we should spend our time in the things which are useful or beneficial for us, but nowadays young generation is spending their most of the precious time on social media and wasting it and not getting anything in return.

People should understand the value of time and try to overcome the use of social media too much, it can make our life useless as well as it’s a biggest loss of our time.

Many of us wants to log in our Facebook account after waking up and spend most precious time over it resulting in getting late for school , office and then don’t have time for breakfast and other things.

Most of us forgot to meet our friends and family on their special events just because we are so busy in using social media apps.

We have time to spend in making new friends over social media but no time to meet our friends in real.

Social media addiction is no doubt, is really difficult to overcome but still we are sharing some tips .

You can overcome this social media addiction by following these simple tips given below.

1.Accept that you are addicted :

Accepting that you are addicted can make you realize that you are spending too much time and after realizing you can implement some rules to restrict yourself.

2.Trying other activities :

Try to spend the time you are spending on the social media somewhere else with other activities like playing outdoor games with your friends or in doing some other hobbies like painting , writing many more .

3.Logging out :

Well logging out from the Facebook account is really a difficult job for us and young people nowadays and it needs a lot of courage to do it but still try to log out your Facebook account and try to spend your time in doing some useful activities.

4.Meeting friends :

Nowadays young generation meets their friends on Facebook and not in real for many years, try to meet people and your friends in real life and not on the Facebook, A fake world.

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5.Manage your friend list :

Nowaday’s people add everyone on the social media without knowing about their family background which is sometimes a biggest mistake we often result in having fake friends. Try to manage your friends by deleting new and unknown friends from Facebook.

6.Deactivating account :

You can de activate your account for the limited time period if you are having some exams or important projects from your office.

7.Don’t be a procrastinator :

Stop procrastinate and try to do your important projects first before spending time on social media.

8.looking at clock :

Try to make a habit of looking at the time and monitor your time by setting time limit to use social media apps. Do not use social media apps more than limit.

9.Accomplishing life goals :

Instead of spending time on social media you should try to feel passionate about your life goals and try to accomplish them.

10. Try to be happy :

Try to be happy in real life without showing the world that “what’s in your mind “?

11. Manage settings :

Try to manage settings of your Facebook account to avoid checking unnecessary notifications. You can also leave groups which are not useful to you in order to overcome this Facebook addiction.

12. Using it purposely :

Try to log in your social account only for purpose you can use it when you are getting bore after completing all of the important assignments.

13. Be social :

Try to be social in real life and not on the social apps. You can join any group of your interest like any learning institution for example you can join painting school, or gym etc. to avoid social media apps.

14. Setting daily routine :

Set your daily routine schedule for focusing on important tasks better and to avoid social media.

Using these guidelines and tips can make you realize that you are using too much time over social media without any reason and you should overcome it.

These are simple tips to overcome social media addiction but still if it does not work for you, then you  can easily delete your account permanently to focus on the goals of life to be accomplished.

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