Internet Income Intensive

Internet Income Intensive


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  1. You seem an expert why did you attend his class. I agree its tedious. Sometimez i think its just better to pay experts than set up yourself unless very free or love it.

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for your comment. Actually I’ve given in my blog what was the main reason I’ve attended the class. I got carried away with free content which was claimed to setup without much work to start earning. And that was wrong as its all outdated product. In current market its impossible to make money through that content which Peng Joon is giving, As he claims that this is the first thing he will save if any disaster has happened. I’ve given every details of this class so you can make your own mind to attend or not attend. When somebody is beginner, I understand its easy to be carried away by products which claim that they don’t have to do anything but it doesn’t work actually that way. What I’m trying to say is course itself covers lot of thing for beginner but its exorbitant price. When course is so expensive what I’ve learned is it is all upselling. The crux of the matter is we can learn these things very easily by browsing through net if we are committed and save some money. So if anybody is committed, they can go through my blog about this seminar and browse in internet for details about each highlights to learn further.
    If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
    I appreciate that you took time to comment.


  3. Hello George

    Thank you for your information. I have a question- did you go on to use any of the content to create an internet based business or stream of passive income?

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Lolly,

    I tried but the strategies are very basic what I learned from this seminar though you will get to know what framework this business works, Once you get into this business you will know its really very vast and you have to spend countless hour researching different things and need to have lot of money as well. So actually to some extent the seminar was useful but not for the price mentioned. If you really want to learn and apply, one thing is important you need to have a different mindset, then you need to have lot of time, then you have to spend lot of money learning different kind of things to be successful.

    Hope this was useful, Reply to me if you want to know more.


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