How to write effectively!

How to write effectively!



Effective writing! Everyone wants to write effectively whether it’s their school projects or any assignments we want to write effectively and perfect without any mistakes.

If you want to become an effective writer you should learn how to write things clearly and to the point. It needs a lot of practice and a lot of research work. Effective writing is the piece of writing which delivers all of your thoughts and ideas to the reader very clearly without any mistakes and order to write effectively one should must write without any limits but in a very polished way. Making rough draft and creativity is really helpful in writing effectively.

Here are some of the rules to follow in order to write effectively.

1. Be clear about your point of view, don’t use unclear and confusing language to write effectively.

2. Practice makes man perfect, the old quote is a clear tip to tell how a person can write effectively. Practice, practice and practice… In order to write effectively always practice your work and always do some rough writing before the real piece to avoid mistakes.

3. Test yourself by writing new things and write things you are most interested .

4. Shape your thinking, and firstly set up your mind about what you are going to write. For example are you willing to write a story? , or it is some of your school project. organize it clearly …

5. Single out that who is going to read your work? If it’s a school assignment it will differ from the note you read to your friend. The respect level of the note to the teacher should not be forgotten.

6. Give yourself a free hand , write whatever you want to write roughly, first to analyze where it’s all going .set a time limit to write roughly and write whatever is in your mind till the limit is over and check what did you just write .

7. Purpose of your writing should be clear to you and the reader, for example if you are writing a story you must clear the reader that what it is about in few lines before it starts.


8. Organize your writing in order to write effectively, you can organize it by some spider webs or some pictures to clarify it to you first.

9. Paragraphs In the writing is most important and one should know when and how to change the paragraph.

10. Write clearly and point to point, don’t try to be confusing or don’t try to develop suspense in your writing.

11. Your ideas in writing something is important. connect your ideas to the rough draft you have done earlier to make your writing more effective.

12. Give your reader a feeling that he is reading your written work, for a purpose use some information and instructions in the writing to make your work effective.

13. Always try to explain your work by giving full description and information about your written work. for example if you are writing about travelling you must add some guide notes in the written theme to clear the writer what is he reading about .

14. Always focus on your main idea of writing the note and do not be stressed out about the lines you are using to describe it. For example if you are writing your school project your main idea of your assignment’s theme is more important than your words.

15. Always recheck your written work to avoid mistakes and errors to make it effective to the reader.

16. Use good grammar and verbs to make your written work effective.

17. Cut off unnecessary words which are of no use in the writing.

18. Don’t try to add semi colons unnecessarily it will make your written work more confusing. Always use full sentences to deliver your thoughts.

19. Ask your readers to give you advice upon your work after reading in order to make it more error and mistake free.

20. Feel free to write without any rules in order to deliver your creative thoughts without any hesitation.

21. Writing your piece of work again and again can make it better and mistake free so you can write your piece of work more than two to three times for effective writing.

22. Learning new words will help you write effectively and easily make sure the words you are using in your writing are correct ones and you should know the meanings of all the words used in your writing.

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