How to Wake up Early!!!

How to Wake up Early!!!


For many of us, waking up early is really a difficult job to do and some of us just can’t be wake up properly without having 2 to three cups of caffeine in morning , or people want to have some extra time like little morning naps to wake up properly.

To overcome these habits one need to reboot their night and sleeping routine once again.

Here are some useful tips to help people in waking up early.

Early to bed!

This is one of the most important tip people can use to wake up early if you want to wake up early you must follow the tip no 1 that go to bed early in night so that you can easily wake up early in the morning .. If a person sleep for 8 straight hours it can be helpful in waking up early. If a person continuously follow this tip one will be a morning person in a very short period of time.

Do not snooze!

Yes! Do not snooze your alarm after its first ring, snoozing your alarm and go back to sleep can’t help you to wake up on your desired dead line… Keep this in your mind if your alarm bell rings, stand up and do not think of 10 minutes extra sleep.

Deceive your Brain!

If you are a night owl your brain will tell you to sleep for 10 more minutes after your alarm bell but do not let your brain do this and instead of letting your brain trick you, trick your brain and get up at the very first bell of your alarm.

Plan to wake up early!

Make a plan that you want to wake up early and set your morning routine. Tell your brain why you want to wake up early, what will you miss if you fail to wake up early. Your brain should know that waking up early is very important for you and you just can’t miss a single morning routine for the sake of your 10 minutes MORE sleep.

Setting your Alarm!

Setting your alarm in need to wake up early plays a vital role in one’s life. If you want to wake up early you need to set your alarm 15 minutes before the actual time you want to get up. Use this tip until you start waking up on your desired time.

For example if you want to wake up at 8:00 am in the morning set your alarm at 7:45 am it will help you wake up at your desired dead line easily .

Feel passionate!

Feel passionate to wake up early and tell your brain that you are really thrilled to wake up early this trick will send your brain a signal that you are really excited to wake up early in the morning and in that case your brain will stop to resist you from waking up early by that 10 or 5 minutes MORE sleep and you will easily get up early in the morning on your alarm time

Place your alarm clock away!

In order to wake up early one need to put their alarm clock far away from them. Yes! This time your alarm clock will help you in waking up early. After setting your alarm, put your alarm clock far away from your hand so that you just can’t shut it off on the first ring and in order to shut it off you need to stand up which will help you in waking up.

Advantages of waking up!

There are many advantages of waking up early, if a person wakes up early he gets more time and energy to fulfill the daily needs. One can have extra time for extra activities like spending time with friends or family, they can have time for workouts and office work.

Students who rise early can score better grades with fresh brain. Waking up early can make one feel active and inspired by the nature. One who wake up early can plan their weekends and weekdays and any other official matter better than who do not wake up early…

Morning people feel light and satisfactory whole day while working and it make them feel happy. Another advantage of waking up early is that you can have your breakfast properly many people who do not wake up properly can’t have their breakfast which effects their daily need of proteins and minerals and result in bad health. Early risers have an advantage of not getting rush into traffic they can easily drive to their destiny in morning because there is no traffic jam in morning time.

The bottom line is that if a person want to get up early in the morning should follow these simple tips and remember the old quote:

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise “

If you need more tips to wake up early, Here’s a good book which gives more information about how to become early riser, which you can purchase from Amazon. I am pasting the link below. This will give you more ideas to wake up early,  in addition it also has some facts about celebrities who are taking advantage of waking up early.

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