How to start Organic farming!

How to start Organic farming!

11. Starting!

You can start your own organic farm at any time and in any season.


12. Ask for help!

You can ask for help with the experienced organic farmers. They can give you good advice to make your crops grow more efficiently.


13. Research!

You can research for the organic farming and can take help from internet or from books related to organic farming.

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14. Labeling!

Labeling your crops and vegetable seeds can be helpful in knowing and monitoring your crops more accurately and perfectly. Label crops according to their name.


15. Certificate!

You can have legal certificate to become an organic farmer by going through the proper procedure.




16. Climate conditions!

You must be aware of climate conditions to start your own organic farming and must provide your crops the suitable weather to grow properly.


17. Heavy machinery!

You should not use heavy machinery to fertilize your farm’s soil and for spraying pesticides.


Advantages of organic farming!

There are many advantages of organic farming such as its quality is much better and it is healthier than the other crops… It is poison free because no chemicals are used to grow these crops. The taste is also much better than any other crops.

You can start it in a small piece of land and you don’t need bulky machinery to manage these crops.



One of the book which I found would be helpful for beginners is as follows. Its Organic Farming by David Sykes.

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All the best with your organic farming.

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