How to start Organic farming!

How to start Organic farming!

6. Natural fertilizers!

Use of natural fertilizers will be beneficial for the soil and it will also grow your crops more efficiently and healthier, on the other hand using unhealthy fertilizers will be harmful to your health as well as for your crops.


7. Nature of the soil!

Nature of your soil is really important in growing crops. Healthier the soil, healthier the crop will be. Always choose right soil for your garden.


8. Always have an eye upon weeds!

Weeds are very harmful for the crops, these are the plants which are of no use in the farm. Always have a keen eye over them and remove them whenever you see them.


9. Customize your Farm!

You can customize your Farm with the number of the crops you are planning to grow. Always make your farm smaller in area to manage your crops more accurately and to avoid weeds.




10. Birds and worms!

Some of the birds and worms are helpful to your garden. Learn about the helpful worms and birds in order to make your crops grow more.

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