How to publish your book in Kindle

How to publish your book in Kindle


Kindle is a multi billion dollar industry and everyday its growing exponentially. Its because you don’t have to wait in publishers office for getting published your first book. Now its very simple, Amazon site provides you ways to publish your own book, Its called self publishing. Here’s the way to get started with your own book.


1. Sign up for kdp account

Visit and click on sign up.

2. Once you login, You will see screen like below. Click on Agree




3. You will reach a screen where you can start creating your book.




4. Before you start publishing your book, You need to fill up your details like tax information and address where you will receive the checks. For that you need to click on Your accounts. Here you need to take an tax Interview. This is to enter your country identification and your US Tax ID. Normally its EIN. Once interview is done you need to call US toll free number for confirming your address after that you will get your EIN. For US folks this is not required as you will be having SSN, which is enough I guess.


This interview is for filling your W8-Ben which is requirement for non-us person.

5. Though you can start publishing your book before doing all this but for payment, you need to finish this process.

6. Click on “Create New Title”

Its divided into multiple parts

Step 1

  • Here you can select “Enroll this book in KDP Select”. KDP program allows you to advertise for you book. In 3 months you can opt for 1 time, During which you can give your books for free so that you can increase the download and it gets listed for your niche in a good position. Also you can add reviews if since book will be free as normally people buys things which has more good reviews. So its better to enroll in kdp select. Also please see once you select kdp select you are not suppose to sell this book anywhere else. You can opt out from this anytime.


  • Enter your book title, Subtitle
  • If its part of a series enter that as well.
  • Leave the publisher part empty, this is normally for publishers.
  • One of the main important part to fill is “Description”. Kindle allows you to enter 4000 characters, so use this space for maximum benefit, enter as much keywords you can so that it gets listed higher in the amazon search.
  • Click on “Add Contributor” Button, Enter Author name

Author name can be pen name as well, if you are publishing in certain Niche and its for particular society then you can give a pen name. Like you are publishing for Womens health but if you are male and publish book, there is chance that it won’t be purchased much by Women’s, so you can give a Pen name.

  • Leave rest two items as it is.

Step 2

  • Select the “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary rights”



Step 3

  • Select the categories, Pick two categories in which your books can come



  • Leave next two items as it is
  • Enter 7 keywords in the “Search Keyword” section which will help people to find this book.

Step 4

Leave the next section as it is


Step 5

You need to make a book cover or out source to somebody else to do it for you. I’ll go in details in another blog which will give you step by step method for out sourcing your cover image for very low price.


Step 6

Here you need to upload your book. I normally upload in docx format, please go through the kindle help if you have some other format. Please see your book need to be following certain formatting so that it can be seen properly in kindle, I’ll give you details in another blog.


Once you do this, please use the online tool to view your book, see if any spelling or formatting mistakes are there and rectify it.


Step 7

Select world wide rights.


Step 8

Select the Pricing & Royalty information. Normally when you launch your book, its better to set it as 99 Cents. And once you run through the KDP select change to 2.99$.

When you set to 99 cents you will be paid 30% royalty and for 2.99 you will be paid 70% royalty.



Step 9

Check Kindle Book Lending


Check the last check box and click on “Save and Publish”. After few hours your book will be available for purchasing in

So you have your first book published in Amazon.

That’s all folks, Have a Great Day!!!

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