How To Overcome Procrastination!

How To Overcome Procrastination!


Procrastination is a term used when you continuously delay a job given to you. You are not the only one who is delaying or postponing their job, most of the time people delay and suspend their work just because of laziness and nervousness. It’s a Dream Killer, So Take action soon to overcome this issue.

There are many of us who does not like to do their given work on the exact time but if a person is delaying the given job due to fear of failure it means they can neither fail in that job nor can they can succeed. To have a successful finish of the given job one should not delay their job. Try to do it on the given timeline so you will learn new things even after the failure.



Here are some of the tips you can follow to overcome procrastination.

Noticing that you are procrastinator!

Admitting that you are a procrastinator makes you realize that you are doing wrong. Make a list of the things which are in your pending list just because of your laziness. After making the “list to do” start working on the list and start finishing the written jobs.


Have some bonus!

Promising yourself that you will earn a bonus after finishing the given job will help you not to delay it any more for example promise yourself you will have a good lunch or dinner after completing your work and you will see you can’t be a procrastinator anymore .


Ask your fellows to remind you of your task!

Pressure upon you will make you realize and remember that you have not finish your given task till now. Ask your fellow workers to remind you of your task and this will help you to overcome procrastination.


Starting work!

Always remember that STARTING really matters, if you do not start it just because of a fear of losing or not completing, it will never ever get finished and you can’t overcome on the bad habit of procrastination . Always start your task without thinking to finish it off just start it and you will see you will finish it automatically without any mistake.


Do it in steps!

Time taking task are always boring and uninteresting, make your task interesting by dividing it into different and small steps and do it with some short breaks of coffee or tea.


Make it pleasant!

Always make your project pleasant by doing it in a lighter way without any pressure, start your task with some music around you or with some snacks you would love to eat.


Choose your surroundings wisely!

Always choose your surroundings wisely when doing a certain job because surroundings really matters and will be effective on your task. For example if you do not like noise around you while working do not start your task in the noisy area or near television.


Stick to it!

Always try to stick to your project do not be impatient to finish it off. Your patience will be really helpful in overcoming procrastination when you seriously stick to your job.


Stop idealizing!

To complete your project you should stop idealizing about your desired results. Do not be in pressure to achieve a best result after completing. Things take time and you will start giving your best after overcoming on procrastination. Be patient and just complete it without thinking about results.


Block diversions!

Block little diversions like if you are studying and you think that loud volume of TV will distract you, do not study near television or if you think that you might check your phone continuously while studying so put your phone far away from your study place while studying or working on your project.


Trick your brain!

Yes! You can trick your brain by following this simple rule while doing your task: For example you are delaying your homework just to spend your time with your friends, here is the trick, invite your friend at your home and complete your homework with them while talking and enjoying with them and after completing the homework you can have some refreshment or movie together to spend more time.


Short list the most important tasks!

Make a list and write down the most important jobs to do and cut off the unnecessary tasks from the list so you will get more time to complete the important tasks and overcome procrastination easily.


Given tips can help you in overcoming procrastination if you really want to get rid of this bad habit and if you are really willing to finish the given projects on time.



There’s a book by World Renowned speaker Brian Tracy. This book gives step by step method to overcome Procrastination. Please use this if you are suffering from procrastination in your life. Procrastination is Dream Killer so sooner you act more quickly you will be able to achieve your goals.


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