How To Overcome Overeating, Food Addiction And Binge Eating

How To Overcome Overeating, Food Addiction And Binge Eating


Many people are suffering from binge eating now a days which is also known as BED which is medically proven as a disorder of over eating and it can be dangerous for health as well.


Many people take it for granted that this habit is not that much harmful, but this is a biggest misconception.




Binge eating is one of the most dangerous habit you can have.

Check out this funny video of Puss in Shrek Forever, Poor guy become so fat that he lost his true ability. Though this is funny but has meaning. Life has lot of things to offer other than the taste of food, Don’t lose your happiness and Goal for the sake of Food.



It’s not difficult to overcome overeating or binge eating if you’re will power is strong enough to beat this habit. Foremost is to Love and start believing in yourself. If you don’t Love and Believe in yourself, nobody else would. Believe that you can do it and you can break this habit of overeating. If a Person can believe, I’m sure they can achieve it.


You can overcome this habit by following these simple tips I’m giving below.

Tips to overcome over eating:


1. Seek advice from your doctor :

In order to overcome over this bad habit of over eating you should seek advice from your family doctor. You should tell him about your problem for better cure.

Your doctor will understand the problem and will prescribe some medicine to overcome binge eating.


2. Eat slowly:

You can overcome binge eating by eating slowly whenever you take your meal. This slow intake of food will help your metabolism to work better. Try to enjoy every bite of the food. This is one of the best tip to avoid over eating. Finish your food in at least 15 minutes to make your stomach feels full.

There is a strategy of chewing. According to study,  if you chew your food 32 times for each bite then in  a long run you will loose weight and become healthy as chewing 32 times increases your metabolism and also you will reduce your intake.


3. Drink plenty of water:

You should drink plenty of water in whole day to avoid hunger. Drinking water can make your tummy feels full and you will not eat as much as you are willing to eat.

Try to drink at least two glass of water half an hour before taking meal. It will help you in overcoming this bad habit of over eating.


4. Eat when you are hungry:

Many people eat food when they are getting bored or when they have nothing to do. They eat food as their hobby or a thing to do in a spare time which is totally wrong, you should take your meal when you are really hungry.


5. Eating in portions:

Try to divide your meal in little portions and take your meal in between little gaps.


6. Time of your meal:

You should make a proper routine time of eating food. For example, you can set your time for lunch at 3 pm and dinner at 8 pm sharp to avoid eating anything in between these gaps.

Actually people who are able to maintain good health normally take dinner much early, They don’t eat after probably 7 pm or 8 pm.


7. Use smaller plates:

Always remember if you are willing to live a happy and healthy life you must try to use smaller plates and bigger glasses while having meals to avoid binge eating.


8. Note down your routine:

You can make a list of the things you ate earlier to have a look later. You can maintain something called food diary, which will give you your proper intake of food and you will be surprised how much  you might be eating. Acceptance and Awareness is the core strategy by which you can break this habit.


9. Take care of your body:

It’s your body and you should care about it you should not load your tummy with meals. Make a habit to set up your mind that you don’t want to eat more.


10. Unplug your TV :

Try to unplug or switch off your television while eating food to eat it with full concentration. These distractions like television or cell phones can be helpful in over eating without you realizing.


11. Stop eating junk foods:

Another reason of binge eating or over eating is fast foods or junk foods. We often eat junk foods without realizing that we are already full and there is no place for an extra zinger burger now, we concentrate on taste but not on our body.


12. Eat vegetables:

Taking vegetables as your meal can be helpful in overcoming over eating.


13. Diet plan:

You can easily ask for help with a professional dietician to make a diet plan for you and motivate you to stick to that diet plan in order to avoid over eating.


14. Do not skip:

Do not try to skip meals even if you are very busy. Make a time to have your meal on time to overcome binge eating. Many people skips their meal while busy in some important projects and then over eat when they get time to have their meal later. This is one of the biggest mistake.


15. Excercise Regularly

Doing excercise regularly can improve your attitude towards food and would keep you healthy. If you haven’t started yet, Start slowly, Maybe you can start by doing 10 minutes everyday and later increasing the time. Main idea in the case of excercise is to make it a habit hence starting with small duration would keep you tied up to the routine. If you overdo it, I’m sure you won’t be able to continue for long.


Above discussed tips can be helpful in avoiding over eating if a person is really willing to avoid. Try to listen to your body when it’s full and always remember that it’s your body and you have to take care of your body to live healthy and a happy life.


You can check for following book to give you more details about overcoming this habit.


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