How to manage your time easily!

How to manage your time easily!



In today’s busy world we all want to spend and organize our time efficiently and want to do our work on time but somehow we can’t manage time easily because of work load and lack of organizing ability. In this article we will give you some tips to manage time easily and in most effective way.

1. To do list!

One need to make a list of his projects according to his daily routine. Make a list of things according to your priority so that you can easily accomplish it on time.

2. Don’t pressurize yourself!

Don’t be in pressure to complete your projects. Giving little time to each of your project will make it easy to complete.

3. Time of the day!

Time of the day plays an important role in completing your projects. Most of the people feel refreshed and active in morning and most of us willing to compete their important work in evening. It matters a lot. Focus on your most important work in the time when you and your brain feels fully active to manage time more effectively.

4. Waking up early!

Waking up early can help you in manage time because early risers have more time as compare to people who always wake up late. You can start your work by waking up early and can spend more time over your most important projects. Check out my article on how to wake up early?

5. Time limit!

Make a deadline on which you have to complete your work at any cost it will help your mind to concentrate more on your work.

6. Refresh!

Refresh yourself by taking a break from your work in order to relax your mind and body and you will complete your tasks much better after this break.

7. Re write your list!

Rewriting your to do list on daily basis will make you realize what is most important work to do and what is your priority to manage your time .

8. Checking progress report!

Always have an eye over your progress report, cut off the completed projects from the list to make your mind fresh and relax.

9. Sleep well!

Do not stress yourself much for your unfinished works and always take complete rest of 8 hours daily to boost your energy.

10. Time for entertainment!

Have sometime for fun and entertainment daily it will help your mind to relax and you can complete your tasks in a better way later.

11. Cut off unnecessary works!

Do not spend your precious time over unnecessary things which will affect your tasks to complete. And utilize your time to complete your important tasks .

12. Take help!

In order to complete your most important tasks on time you can ask for help from your coworkers or your friends and family. For example if you have to clean your house as well as complete your office work on same day you can ask for help with your family in cleaning house to manage time easily .

13. Avoid abstractions!

Avoid things which will distract you from your work for example if you are distracted by television or mobile phone easily so stop doing work near them and avoid them to have full concentration on your work . Stop spending a lot of time on social media and on phone to complete your tasks on time.

14. Make time table!

Make a time table for the things you cannot avoid or ignore like your friends and family. Make a time schedule to spend time with your friends and family to manage time easily.

15. Reminder notes!

Make reminder notes on your pc that will be easily shown on your pc desktop to complete your tasks on time and to organize your life more effectively.

16. Bonus yourself!

Give bonus yourself on completing some important tasks which will keep you motivated for example have some good lunch after completing your project on time to relax your mind and body.

17. Be realistic!

Be realistic and do not try to complete more than one tasks at same time it will make you tired of your tasks and it all will end up in completing nothing.

18. Divide your tasks!

Divide your tasks in portions to complete it more effectively it will also help in saving your time.

19. Do not over schedule!

Never ever over schedule your tasks. One task on one time will make it easy to complete.

20. Calendars!

Make a habit of having calendar system it will make you realize how many days are you spending on one project it will be helpful to manage time through calendar system . .

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