How To Learn Painting

How To Learn Painting

5. Have some inspiration :

You can have some inspiration from nature, you can visit parks or places with the beautiful view in order to have some inspiration from the natural sceneries or you can visit art galleries and art exhibition in order to learn about painting and things related to paintings. You can keenly note down the points of the paintings in art exhibition, like what type of colors are used in painting, what message is given, what type of art is painted by the artist and which type of art is in demand now a days .


You can also learn the basics to paint from online book, you can browse art books and galleries online if you have no time to visit one.

Take help by visiting profiles of different artists and painters around the world through internet.


6. Practice session :

In order to become a good painter and to paint masterpieces you must spend time in practicing art. You must paint at least one picture to be perfect in painting.

Never be afraid of not painting it right, practice and hard work can make you perfect in painting world, so work hard with a lot of patience.


7. Contouring :

Contouring your arts means you should be aware of the lines… Where and how to make lines is a biggest art in learning about painting. If you have mastered in this art you can easily paint anything.


8. Giving shapes :

Giving shapes in your art work is another most important thing after learning contouring the picture. You must learn to give shapes in your painting to make it look best piece of art.

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