How To Learn Painting

How To Learn Painting


Paintings are the thoughts of the artist and the imaginations of his mind. Painting is a way to express our mind’s thoughts, imagination, inspirations and words more creatively and more deeply. Sometimes it’s really difficult to express our pain or happiness in our expressions and we can take help by painting masterpieces and by converting our thoughts to the beautiful picture…


Learning painting is an art itself and if anyone wants to learn painting they must be passionate about it in order to be a good painter. Many painters paint the beautiful pictures just because of their passion and as a hobby while many of us wants to learn painting as a profession and to earn good money by selling masterpieces .



Learning painting could be so easy if we follow these given tips:


1. Your motives :

Your motives and inspirations are the most important when you are trying to learn to paint. Ask yourself what type of pictures you want to paint? , what are your thoughts about the world? And how you want to convey your message to the world? Setup your mind by choosing a pattern for your painting.
2. Using colors :

Colors can be life and it can show a better reflection of your thoughts, you must choose your colors wisely in order to paint a good masterpiece. The quality of colors is also important and you should use best quality colors for the painting. The good color choice can make your painting beautiful while bad choice can make your painting a big blunder. So you must be careful in choosing colors about your painting.

3. Selecting brushes:

Selection of brushes is also very important when you are planning to learn to paint. You must select right brushes to paint and you should know about all the brushes’ quality and function in order to paint. You can also ask for help from the experienced artist for selecting colors and brushes.


4. Other important accessories :

Other important accessories related to art work like canvas, drawing papers, a pallet, different types of colors and brushes are also needed to paint. You must buy all the products for the painting in order to learn to paint.

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