How To Improve Your Communication!

How To Improve Your Communication!


A good communication skill is most important skill in the daily life routine, in our education, relationship and with our friends and family. We must have good communication skills to convey our message clearly to the one we are communicating with . Our success in life is depending upon on how we communicate with outside world and our inside world. If we communicate negatively with ourselves that will have detrimental effect in becoming successful.


In this blog we are discussing some of the main tips to improve our communication skills and to deal with public confidently and more attentively.


1. First of all you must understand the fact that people usually judge our message and our habits with our body language and our facial expressions so you must be master in your facial reactions in order to convey your message more politely.

According to studies Only a small percentage of communication involves actual words: 7%, to be exact, though there are some criticism of this fact recently.  In fact, 55% of communication is visual (body language, eye contact) and 38% is vocal (pitch, speed, volume, tone of voice). I’ll be covering body language in another blog post. Body language is very important for your success, By looking at a person you can know whether he is confident or not. Our success in life will determine in how much confident we are and body language is one of the important response of confidence.


2. The comfort level must be high while talking to public it will show people that you are not getting hesitate while communicating with others.


3. You must be very careful about the language you are speaking, the grammar and sentence delivery should be mastered by you in order to make a better communication in public.


4. Pattern of your language and conveying your message should be learnt by you, it will affect your audience a lot. The speech you are giving to your boss will be totally different with the speech you are giving to your friends and family. This is the basic of your communicating skills.


5. Prepare yourself for communicating in public. Practice it by learning about your lines, that what are you going to say in order to convey your message in public. Practice session will improve your communication skills.


6. Learn basics of your language in order to communicate more freely in public.


7. You should know about the topic you are talking about in public to answer any type of questions while communicating.


8. Have some strength to speak about your opinion while making communication in public.


9. The audience you are communicating with, must pay attention to your message so you must make an eye contact to them in order to improve your communication.


10. Your body language can say it all and is very important in improving while communicating in pubic. You can use your hands and do some actions to convey your thoughts.


11. Your attitude , body language and facial expressions should be matched to one another in order to convey your clear message to the person and it should not send mixed signals to the person you are communicating with .


12. Pronunciation of the words and the words used in your communication should be used in a correct way.


13. Do not speak too fast between your audiences In order to convey your message more clearly.


14. Tone of your voice should be polite and should make your audience feel satisfactory while you are communicating with them. Also try to manage volume of your voice while communicating. It will improve your communicating skills.


15. Try to convey negative thoughts in a very positive way.


16. Try to cut off unnecessary words in your speech for better communication.


17. Try to convey your message in the way of stories because stories are interesting to listen and it can make your audience more attentive to the topic. You can ask different questions to the one you are communicating with in order to find out their level of interest.


18. Distractions can make you forget about the topic so you must avoid those distractions while communicating.


19. Shorten your story, but descriptive. Do not make it too lengthy to make your audience feel bore.


20. Appreciate the feedback and also be ready to criticism.


21. Listening to others can really be helpful in learning and improving your communication skills , you can learn how the person opposite to you is using his gestures or how is he using his facial expressions , his words , grammar and tone of voice can be really helpful .


22. Use easy words while communicating, do not make your topic too difficult to the person who have less knowledge about the language you are using while communicating.


23. Stay positive and energetic while communicating to avoid any stress and pressure. Don’t feel nervous while talking and communicating in public and try to answer all the questions without any hesitation asked by your audience.


24. Take little pause breaks while communicating to re arrange all the thoughts in your mind.


25. Always summarize the whole story in the end while communicating and convey the clear point of your thoughts.


26. You can be funny while communicating to entertain your audience.


Bottom line!

Bottom line of all the above given tips is that do not be hesitate while communicating and do not feel afraid to convey your thoughts while communicating .



1. For becoming effective communicator you can join your local Toastmaster club. By regularly attending this you can improve your public speaking and confidence level.

2. You can start speaking to yourself in front of mirror or record everyday your 1-2 minutes of speech using webcam or smartphone. Check how you are communicating, How’s your facial expression, Do you like it? What changes you need to do for improving it. How can  you control your volume and tonality. This technique is very powerful and practicing this will improve your confidence and also would enable you to have a youtube channel in future if your persist.

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