How to find purpose of life!

How to find purpose of life!

Each one of us, sometimes ask our self the main reason of living our life and the importance of our life but sometimes it’s really disturbing and confusing for us to find the one. We often find nothing important in our life but still there is always a hidden purpose and important reason of our life we should be aware of.


To live a happy and pleasurable life one must know and find their purpose of life and then try to achieve and accomplished that desire.


There are some important tips to find purpose of your life given below:

1. Checking your interests!

In order to find the main purpose of life one must look and check upon his interests. Ask yourself what are the things that make you happy and excited? Note down these interest in writing and then try to implement it in your life to have a better life.


2. About your future!

Ask yourself questions about your future, what are the things which will make your future happy and what are the things you want to achieve in your future. For example which are the habits you want to get rid of? , which are the things you want to learn? , what are the things you want to buy in future for a good life.


3. Your hobbies!

To find out the purpose of your life you must know about your hobbies and about your passion. What are the things you are most willing to do in your life, what are things you do in your spare time happily…? Maybe this is your hidden purpose of your life.


4. Ask help!

Ask your friends and family about your hidden skills because they can tell you more accurate about your power and you can easily achieve your goals through these strengths.


5. Multiple goals!

Some of us thinks that there is only one goal or purpose of our life which is not right thinking sometimes because sometimes there are more than one goals to be achieved in our life. One need to make sure about the number of his goals to be achieved in his life.


6. It can be change!

Always remember that your purpose of life can be changed in future because of not getting desired results or maybe you lose interest in that purpose. For example most of us want to become a teacher when we were young but now we don’t find it interesting anymore and want to change our field to become an engineer or something else.


7. Action towards your purpose!

After knowing and writing about your interests, passions and hobbies now it’s time to take some step towards it to achieve the goal. Make some goal reminder to accomplish it.


8. Do not be ashamed of your purpose!

Never be ashamed of your purpose just because of people who are making fun of you and your purpose. Remember your purpose is to achieve your dream life and not to please or satisfy the people around you.


9. Make a list!

Now make a list of the actions which will help you in achieving your purpose of life more easily.


10. Distractions!

Avoid the things or people which will distract you from your purpose of life. For example if your purpose of life is to become a doctor so you must study hard and avoid to spend more time in leisure activities.


11. Have some motivation and encouragement!

Always feel motivated by thinking about the life with your accomplished purpose. Think about the successful people in your life living a perfect happy life after achieving their purpose of life for encouragement.


12. Have patience!

Never get tired of trying new ideas to achieve your purpose and have some patience because it may take a long time in order to achieve your desired purpose of life. Always stick to your purpose.


13. Creating vision board!

Creating vision board can also be very effective in making your purpose of life accomplished in less time. You must have to update your progress report of your purpose on your vision board. If you want more information about creation of vision board, I’ve authored a book which you can purchase from Amazon. Here I’m going in deep about how to create vision board. Click here to purchase from Amazon.


14. Don’t be a procrastinator!

Don’t be a procrastinator in finding and achieving your purpose of life just because of the fear of failure.


These are some main tips and guidelines to find and achieve your desired goals and the purpose of your life.



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That’s all folks have a great time ahead finding your true purpose for life. If you have any comments please leave it below.

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