How to customize the date picker in Form Maker

How to customize the date picker in Form Maker

I trying to set up the Date format for one Form using Form Maker. Its an amazing tool but for free version it supports only 7 controls. In the site of Form Maker I was unable to find the format which I can select for setting different types of input for Date.  Here’s the help from Form Maker which gives basic idea of how to use the date. I’m pasting the screenshot.


I was struggling with the date picker control which looks as given below.

Here once you select the date, it fills the text box with default date format which is set in your form.



Like in this case I selected 27 May, I’ll see following in the text box.



Now the question is how to set different format for the date. By default following format will be shown


This will show as 16-05-27. But if you want in different format here’s what you need to do

1. Click on the Date Type Control and select Edit, This look like a pencil icon.


2. Now you will see following dialog. Here you can see Date Format is set as “%Y-%m-%d”

So to change this to another format for instance “Month-Date-Year”. Change to




Here are some of the settings.

a) Changing short year to long year format use %Y

b) Change long year to short year use %y , here “y” is small. short year would be just 2 last digit of year, like for 2016 it would be only 16.

c) To show as month/date/year use %m/%d/%Y

So depending on the format you want, you can set appropriate settings in the date.

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