How To Create Free Landing Page Using Google Form

How To Create Free Landing Page Using Google Form

Step 3

Check the Video Lesson 3


Setting up website and testing the form.

  • Setup a wordpress site and install the theme, clean simple white.
  • Delete all the post, and empty the title of the page
  • Configure menu, Select “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”, and “Primary Navigation”. Delete all the menu’s


  • Goto theme customisation

Uncheck “Display Site Title and Tagline”



Select the Static Page in Static Frot Page and select “Front Page” as empty title.



You can further configure by deleting some lines from header.php. You can get more details in the video.

Now get squeeze page code and insert in the page code and insert the Embedded code of Google form in the section of Opt page.

Or you can use instead of the Embedded code the complete source code by selecting just <form> ….</form> and pasting it. You need to find code b/w <form> and </form> including <form>. Here you need to insert the style code as well so that the buttons look good.

Once you do that you will see the form as shown below.


You can find the sample style and form code from

Please use your form code, I’m putting a dummy code in the download section.


That’s all folks, Let me know how it goes and if you find this useful please leave your comment below.

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