How to become successful in life by using Affirmations

How to become successful in life by using Affirmations


Affirmations are the true statements told to mind with the tone full of confidence.  Affirmations can be also described as your desired goals in life.

Affirmations can make your life successful because it can easily remove all the negativity from your life and the problems done by you in the past. Affirmations can help your mind to be more positive and to accomplish your desired goals in your life to make you successful.

Affirmations can be both positive and negative.

They can either create you or can destroy you totally.  Our mind always trust on the words and thoughts we always keep telling to it and our mind accepts it as a truth.

For example you are willing to lose weight and you regularly repeat that in your mind that you can easily do that by working out or doing exercise, your mind accept it as a reality and it will help you in accomplishing that weight loss In real just because of your positive affirmations given to your mind continuously.

You can also turn these positive affirmations into negativity by thinking that “no it’s really hard for me to do exercise, or it’s impossible for me to lose weight”, in that case your mind will take these affirmations as truth and you will not be able to accomplish your dream goal.


In this article we are discussing some of the main tips to make your mind positive by using affirmations in order to become successful in your life.

Tips to use affirmations effectively:


1. Do not stress yourself:

You should not take stress in order to set your mind in a positive way. You should calm yourself to send positive affirmations to your mind.


2.Repeat your affirmations:

You should repeat your affirmations to set up your mind to positivity. Try to repeat your desired goals in your mind as much as you can to motivate and encourage yourself.


3.Keeping your affirmations short:

Do not choose long and lengthy affirmations in order to be successful, you can use small words like “I can do it “, it is easy” or anything else to repeat it easily in your mind. Long affirmations are hard to repeat again and again.


4. Use of positive affirmations:

You should use positive affirmations in order to accomplish your desired goal. For example you can repeat, “It’s good and healthy for me”, I have a lot of energy to do so”.


5. Ask help :

You can also ask help from your friends or family to repeat your positive affirmations in front of you time to time to make you motivated and to make you stick to it.


6. Speak it out loud:

You can speak it out loud to make your mind realize that it’s important for you and you should really work on it.



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7. Setting a reminder:

You should set up a reminder to help your mind to remember about your desired goals, even if you are really busy these reminders will help you in managing time for your affirmations and goals.


8. Stick to it :

If you are setting affirmations for some important task to be accomplished you must stick to what you have set in your mind to be successful in life.


9. Cut down negative thoughts:

Cutting down negative thoughts related to your goals can be easy for your mind to think in a positive way. Try to think of something encouraging every time you think of your goals. This can be very helpful in accomplishing your desired goals easily.


10. Take a deep breath and relax:

Taking a deep breath while repeating affirmations in your mind can help you to fulfill them easily. This will be consider as a positive action in your mind.


11. Focusing your goals:

Try to focus your goals in order to accomplish them easily. Make time to accomplish them.


12. Imagine your accomplished goals:

You can try to imagine your accomplished goals while repeating affirmations in your mind to let your mind think that what you will feel after completing these goals.


13. Write your affirmations:

You can also write your affirmations to make them accomplished on time.


Some simple tips are given above to make your life successful by using affirmations in your life, these tips can be helpful if you cut out the negative thoughts from your mind. Nothing can be impossible in this world if you are full of positive energy.


There are lots of videos in Youtube which helps to create your own affirmation or you can listen to it while working. There are different categories like Simple affirmations which would be somebody repeating affirmations with some background or subliminal which has sound frequency which human ear cannot understand but will be understood by subconscious mind and paraliminal which is different sounds in different ears. All these are effective.

Here’s the 30 day affirmation challenge by Brian Tracy, You can download it from 30 Day Affirmation Challenge .

You can also buy studio quality affirmations from Real Subliminal . I’ve purchased multiple affirmations from this site and found it to be effective.

Here’s some sample affirmations which you can try , Repeat this everyday and you will find your life will change automatically as it will slowly change your negative thought process to more positive.

  • I love my life!
  • All I need is within me now.
  • Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.
  • Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens FOR me.
  • Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves me.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.
  • Life is a gift and I enjoy each day fully.
  • I love myself for who I am.
  • I am a radiant person of positive energy.
  • I am grateful for every moment of my life.
  • I am comfortable with who I am.
  • I am at peace.

If Affirmations are tried with daily visualization then  you can be sure you will achieve your goals much faster. In one of the post I’ve given information about creating your vision board which subconsciously helps you to achieve your goals much faster.  Here’s the link Vision Board .

That’s All, So start writing and saying your affirmations..

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