How To Become Good at Mathematics

How To Become Good at Mathematics

Above given tips can be helpful for a person to secure high marks in mathematics , always remember that the nervousness can never let you master this subject so you must try to be keep calm and positive during working on mathematics .



Vedic Mathematics 

Vedic Mathematics is something which everybody should learn. This system was devised hundreds of years back in India. There are cheat system to quickly solve complicated problems..

For Eg. What would be 99 X 99 ?

For normal person they would either need a calculator or they have to sit down and use multiplication techniques to figure out the problems.

But in Vedic mathematics what they are telling is use 99 – 01 and 01 X 01 that would be 9801, its like this:  Subtract Original number from 100 and reduce that value from Original number, keep it aside and Square the differences and then concatenate both of the values.

Another eg 96 X 96 = 96 – 4 = 92 Concatenate with 4 X 4 = 16  so answer would be 9216

This can be extended to any number higher so assume you are looking for square of 9999 X 9999, it would be 9999 – 0001 Concatenate with 0001 X 0001  and that would be 99980001

Isn’t this so simple. Once the number is way beyond 100, 1000 etc then it would become difficult to calculate, like 81X81. As the number is near its base(100, 1000 etc), its simple to calculate using this method.  But vedic mathematics have other ways to solve this problem.

So don’t waste your time calculating using difficult methods use Vedic Mathematics.

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Trachtenberg Speed System

This is another method which you can use to improve your arithmetical ability. As far as I remember Tranchtenberg devised this technique while in prison. Here’s the book which you can purchase to learn about this technique. Or you can search online as well.

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That’s all folks. Apply these principals to improve your Mathematical ability..

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