How To Become Good at Mathematics

How To Become Good at Mathematics

  • Learning formulas :

Try to learn formulas in mathematics with the help of your friends, for example ask your friends to ask you any random formula you have learnt earlier in between your conversation , so you can learn mathematics anywhere with the help of your friends.

  • Study hard :

Working hard for anything can make you learn that lessons easily. You must try to learn mathematics while you are at your vacations because that’s the right time to learn new things and to remember them. You can try to solve different patterns which you see in the nature, Like check, is there any fixed number of petals in a flower, or check if any number sequences fascinate you. You can also try to add, subtract or multiply the numbers which you see while traveling, eg being the milestones, calculate the addition of digits or multiplication of it etc.

  • Distraction :

Avoid things which can distract you while you are learning maths, either in math class or at your home. Your attention is most important thing while learning and doing math.

  • Preparations for tests :

If you are going to have some tests later in math class you must revise and learn all the formulas and try to learn about these lessons many days before test for better result and still if your mind confuses you during test, you must stay away from cheating, cheating is one of the biggest mistake every student make while doing math.

  • Facing anxiety :

Try to face your fears, anxiety and nervousness while doing math. It’s really not as hard as you think, it only needs a lot of hard work and concentration in becoming master of this subject.

  • Calculation :

Try to calculate things in mind and don’t use calculators for calculations .It will boost up your brain so that it can think more about the right answers. I had similar experiences many times. In the past while working on complicated problems I sometimes gave myself a break and suddenly solutions come into my mind.

  • Group study :

Studying math with the group of your friends can be really helpful in mastering this subject. You can plan a group study once in a week to have better learning. Group of friends can help each other in solving math problems and you can also have some help in resolving misconception regarding any formulas.

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