How To Become Good at Mathematics

How To Become Good at Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the toughest subject for many of the people. But how do we excel in this? Is there any strategies for learning maths so that we are not intrigued by its complexity. Universe is governed by Mathematics. If you look around Everything has a pattern and design and that is the main fundamental of understanding Maths in our life.

I still remember 10 days before exam I used to open my Maths book and Man, I used to be baffled by my ignorance. I couldn’t understand anything. All the year I used to shun the subject and just before exam I used to look into it. But later in my life when I was in 10 standard I joined for a Tuition class where the Instructor really took time to teach me different concepts in Maths and I got fascinated by this subject.

At the end of my 10th standard, I got few months before joining +2, And I spend some good amount of time learning Calculus. I Actually finished +2 Maths before +2 itself and When I joined +2 this subject was very simple for me.  During this time I learned simple ways to solve the problem using Vedic Mathematics and Trachtenberg speed system. I’ve given few links at the bottom of this post in the resource section to learn this magnificent techniques.

Doing mathematics is really a tough job for some of us and sometimes it’s just a nightmare for the people who find mathematics as a non-interesting subject. Mathematics is considered as a toughest subject because it owns a lot of equations, formulas, and different derivations in it.

Most of the students find it a dry subject and gain very bad grades in it and there is a lot of pressure on them to secure good grades in mathematics.

If you are also one of them you can use this easy and free tips and guidelines to improve your mathematics.

  • Don’t be afraid :

Many of us are afraid just by hearing the name MATHEMATICS and don’t want to learn those difficult formulas and theorems, which is surely not right. You should not be afraid of mathematics after all it’s only a subject full of numbers and nothing to be afraid of.

  • Do not stress yourself :

Do not stress and pressurize yourself by thinking to learn each and every topic of this subject.  Try to cover one topic per day in order to be more perfect in that topic. Try to spend time in understanding the main concepts and see if you can figure out some simple way to do it.

  • Tutor:

You can always have an option to hire a good tutor to learn math. You just cannot search everything on Google and cannot understand these formulas over net. You must hire a good tutor to learn mathematics who can make you understand those concepts/formulas easily and in a better way.

  • Practice :

Always try to practice your mathematics lessons daily to improve it and to know about the mistakes you are making again and again. Try to solve mathematics problems and then match the answers with the given answers, In case of wrong answers try solving those mathematics problem till you get the right answer. This might be tedious at beginning but soon you will become expert in solving problems.

  • Revision of your lessons :

Always revise your lessons you have learnt and try to remember it by practicing it daily.

  • Take help :

You may ask for help from your educated teachers to help you in solving problems. Ask them to take some tests regularly for better learning. Try to resolve your doubts while learning, don’t be hesitant in asking different questions from your teachers. Questioning is really helpful in doing math.

You can also note down the important formulas and ideas while taking a math class these notes will be helpful for you later when you are doing math alone.

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