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How To Format Kindle Book



Do you know how to format kindle book before uploading so that it looks good in kindle. You might have struggled a lot with formatting. I did, hence I know. There are lot of writers or publishers who are struggling with the formatting of kindle book. I’ve also struggled in beginning but  after few research and trying out I finally learned how to do it properly. Though amazon gives you proper formatting guidelines but it will be too tedious if you follow it.

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How To Create Free Landing Page Using Google Form

Free Landing Page


You can create free landing page using Google Form instead of purchasing some expensive option, Though it might be limited in lot of senses but if your purpose is just to collect the email then this should be sufficient.

I tried to find free landing page which I can use for my website but couldn’t. I had tried majority of the free landing page available but didn’t find anything simple like Google Form. Also just creating landing page doesn’t auto respond for the email subscription. Commercially available Landing pages with email support are expensive as its per month based. I was looking for some simple solution for time being, So I experimented with Google Form and at last came up with this solution..

You can use Google Form on a Squeeze page where you can insert the Form in the Opt In section. I’ve given 2 method one using embedded content and another just using elements which we require from the form section.

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How to Fix and Protect your PC from ransomware attack

ransomeware, cryptXXX


Last week my machine was infected with this deadly Trojan called Ransomware/CryptXXX and I was able to recover 95% of files corrupted by this. This is really one of the nastiest virus you will come across.

How did this happen?

Recently I was download lot of tools from different sites and also visiting some malicious sites for researching. I’m not really sure how it started to affect. My best guess is initially it got affected with some Trojan which opened the gate to this deadly Virus.


How did I found out?

My system for few days was behaving very erratically, actually the performance of pc went down. I saw lot of extra applications in my task manager. One of the noticeable process was conhost.exe and sahookmain.exe.

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How to work with wordpress offline

Wordpress Offline


There are many advantages to work with wordpress offline.

1. You might be travelling and you don’t have internet connection and you want to finish of some coding.

2. Internet connection is slow and working offline would be very fast.

3. You don’t want to publish your result to the world before making sure everything is working fine.


So for all this advantage, You can use wordpress locally. To do that these are the steps

1. Download Wamp /XAMPP server. I’ll be guiding  you for wamp.

2. Install Wamp server on your machine.

Once installed you can browse to following folder to check. C:\wamp, here you will find the files for this server. If this server is not started up after the installation then manuall start it. You can start this server from this location by double clicking on

C:\wamp\wampmanager.exe or by going to your programs listed in start menu and clicking on it.


3. Now open your browser and type in the address bar

localhost or, you will see extensions and tools and projects listed.


Here you can see link “phpmyadmin”, click on this.

4. You will see login screen. The default password for phpmyadmin would be empty and user name would be “root”

username: root

password :



5.  In the next screen you need to create database, Here on top you can see databases link. Click on it.



7. Now you enter database which you want to create, In my case I entered “freebookstoread” and press create button. This database will be listed on the left hand side once created.



8. Now if you check c:\wamp\www

You will see that new database would have been created.



9. Now you need to installed wordpress. You can visit following sites for downloading the latest version of wordpress



10. Extract the zip file into your wamp server project location. Like in this case I had created project as “freebookstoread” and I extracted the wordpress into this location. Once you extract you will see similar files listed.



11. Here you will find a file called “wp-config-sample.php”. Open this file in a text editor.

Modify the line with  “database_name_here” to the new database name which you had created.

Like “define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘freebookstoread’) and

change the “username_here” to “root” and make “password_here” to empty.



Save this file after modification as wp-config.php.

12. Now if you open “localhost” in your browser, you will be able to see your project listed under Your Projects”. In this case “freebookstoread”


13. Now click on the newly listed project, this will take you through installation process for wordpress.

Select the language you want to work.


14. Now you need to configure your site title and site login(username, password), etc Save this password whatever you are going to give because this will be your site login.


15. Now click on “Install WordPress”, Once you are done you will see similar dialog as shown below.


16. Your site is setup for working offline. You can directly type in “localhost\<sitename>” in your browser and it will prompt for wordpress login and once you log, everything you see online you can see and configure offline.

In my case it would be “localhost\freebookstoread”


So Happy working with your site offline. All the best. If you have any doubts feel free to comment or send me mail.

Trick to access few channels without paying subscription


Recently I checked out few tips from some sites and tried it at home. I have airtel DTH connection. I guess it should work for other operator as well.

Use following settings.

1. Press "menu" button on your Remote.

2. Go To my settings -> system setup –> FTA Channels -> Find Channels

3. Enter following values using your remote in the FTA SETTINGS FOR SEARCH screen


Satellite: Choose any(Insat 4A ,4B or other)

Search mode: FTA+CAS

Transponder: USER

Modulation type: DVB-S2-QPSK


Polarization : VERTICAL

Symbol rate:28800( I tried this setting but its not taking hence I’ve put 28.80)

FEC: 2/3(or any)





4. Press search. It will list all the available channel, Select all.


Now you will be able to see these in your tv after 1500 Channels. User number pad to select channels after 1500.

For me couple of the channels are coming as blank but majority I’m able to see. Few of the channels which I’m seeing are Star Plus, Color Guj, Disney XD, DD National etc