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How To Format Kindle Book



Do you know how to format kindle book before uploading so that it looks good in kindle. You might have struggled a lot with formatting. I did, hence I know. There are lot of writers or publishers who are struggling with the formatting of kindle book. I’ve also struggled in beginning but  after few research and trying out I finally learned how to do it properly. Though amazon gives you proper formatting guidelines but it will be too tedious if you follow it.

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How to Fix and Protect your PC from ransomware attack

ransomeware, cryptXXX


Last week my machine was infected with this deadly Trojan called Ransomware/CryptXXX and I was able to recover 95% of files corrupted by this. This is really one of the nastiest virus you will come across.

How did this happen?

Recently I was download lot of tools from different sites and also visiting some malicious sites for researching. I’m not really sure how it started to affect. My best guess is initially it got affected with some Trojan which opened the gate to this deadly Virus.


How did I found out?

My system for few days was behaving very erratically, actually the performance of pc went down. I saw lot of extra applications in my task manager. One of the noticeable process was conhost.exe and sahookmain.exe.

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