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Millionaire Mind Intensive

Millionaire Mind Intensive


This seminar is conducted by T. Harv Eker. This is worth spending money on as it talks about the money blueprint which is the reason some people, though they try hard they cannot become rich. This money blueprint need to be rewritten. Actually it’s the rewiring of the belief system. I would recommend the Millionaire mind seminar as its not expensive and anybody can afford it. It was about 2000 Rs per person.  But the next level which they pitch on as “Quantum Leap”, “Freedom Traders” etc., These are more than 1.5 Lakhs Rs.  these are upselling and are very expensive courses. Though some have benefitted from these, If you can afford it then go for it. No need to stretch yourself by borrowing money from different sources to attend these.

Change your belief system and get rooted on some good financial system and once you are able to afford the other courses then you attend it.

My experience had been really good with this Millionaire mind course. As I was lucky to have T.Harv Eker as presenter and his colleague. Some of the Seminars which his company host he doesn’t attend it and his team members handle it. He normally take only one seminar every year. His seminar was in November of 2014 in Bangalore where I had attended it. Its 3 days seminar with intensive belief remapping. You will be able to understand your true belief system and fear factors and also ways to get over your limiting beliefs.

Couple of the quotes which I remember from seminar is

“Root decides the fruit”. So it’s the belief system which decides where you are going in the life, whether you are going to be successful or failure.

“How you do anything is how you do everything” because we are creatures of habit.

One of the good part of this seminar is the Attitude and Belief sheet which they have provided. Everyday speak it out, it will be good affirmation.



Peoples standing in queue for entering into the hall.



Filled with People



About 2000+ people had attended it.


T. Harv Eker


T. Harv Eker and His team


Day 1

On Day 1, Workbook will be provided which will have questionnaire about your current belief system. You need to fill it up and once seminar gets started you will realize lot of things which are hindrance to your own success.

Teaching about your wants and desires. If you really don’t want to get rich then there is more possibility that you won’t. So it all starts with your desire to be become rich. The reasoning is there is no accident in the Universe, Everything happens for a reason.

Then there will be teaching about your comfort zone. You comfort zone is directly proportional to your Income zone. So if you are hesitating because of your comfort zone then that is detrimental to your success.

Then there would be teaching about the most dangerous words in English Language and i.e. “I Know That”. So it all begins with awareness that you need to change.


The #1 reason people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want. So clarity is one of the most important things.

Passive Income

There would be discussion about Passive Income. i.e.

If Passive Income  > Expense then you have achieved Financial freedom.

So you can invest or you can have a business.

Passive investment Income

Goose is the Lump sum capital you invest in following

1) Stocks

2) Real Estate

3) Bonds


Passive Business

1) Network Marketing-Residual Income

2) Real Estate- Positive Cash flow Property

3) Royalties –Books, music, television

4) Franchises – Franchisee, Franchiser

5) Internet Marketing


Money Management Techniques

After Tax Money put it in your following account( You can collect in different container or open different account to track it )

1) FFA(Financial Freedom Account) – 10% – Never spend

2) LTSS(Long Term Saving For Spending) – 10% –> Contingency fund

3) Education Account(Edu) – 10% – Spending on learning different new things

4) NEC( Necessity Account) – 55% – Daily expenses

5) Play Account – 10% – Spend the money, Experience what is like to be wealthy

6) Give Account – 5% – Giving charitable organization or somebody.


Thought –> Feeling –> Action –> Result


Money Blueprint

How you think?

How you feel?

How you Act?

There is financial thermostat which will reset if you try to reach some financial goal, so until your belief system is not in line with your action this will reset you back to your old level. Its like a self fulfilling prophecy. You will always wonder why I’m unable to make so much money like others. What’s stopping me? All this can be only fixed by understanding the financial blueprint.

“I rule money, Money doesn’t rule me”

Then there was money burning activities, which showed us how much we value money.

Another point made was “Your Integrity is Genesis of Life”


Day 2

Activities of mind linking- Memories of Experiences profound, search your past and Pattern interrupt

Laugh your negative belief off. They gave us some rubber bands which we had to wear in our hand. So when any non supportive belief comes we are suppose to strike our hand with the band and we had to go through the same questionnaire which we had on day 1. So any negative belief we encounter we strike ourselves.

Bigger the goal, bigger the obstacles. The reason being Universe is asking “Are you Serious” or screwing around.

So the step starts with leading oneself in Financial Life, Personal Life and Physical Life

So there are 4 things which support Financial Success

1) Peace

2) Education

3) Passive Income

4) Business

Then there was workout of VAKS –> Visual, Auditory,  Kinesthetic, Spirit

This is a workout for complete body and we repeat lot of belief to oneself and perform the action required, This will engram the belief within us.


Day 3

Energy –>Motion

Handling of the emotion issues.

Say it while you can. Resolve the issues with other people.

Write letter and then delete it, so that feeling goes away.

Success Breeds success

Formula for success –> Learn<—> Do (Never stop doing it)

Experience of “How to overcome Fear”

Success is an habit so is the failure.

1) Acknowledge & Recognizing your success

2) Celebrate

We need to celebrate our success with the group. It was good experience. Celebration need to be awesome.

Environment is more powerful than will power hence we need to continue to grow

Understanding the purpose of life.

Talk is cheap.

Success happens one step at a time.

Also there were activities which have enriched us and made us to  participate to overcome our fear. We had to write the area to breakthrough on an\ arrow. We had to  break a arrow with our bottom part of the throat and the other part of the arrow somebody else would hold and we had to force ourselves towards the person to break the arrow, It was presented in such a dramatically way that initially we were afraid later we realized that its possible to break it and surprisingly everybody broke the stick without harming themselves.


Brief Video of T Harv Eker Speaking in Bangalore for Millionaire Mind Intensive


Overall, I would highly recommend this 3 day event. Its worth to understand our belief system about Money.

Internet Income Intensive


This seminar is hosted by Peng Joon, Who is an Online marketer and Entrepreneur.I really came to know about him when I attended the program called National Achievers Conference held in Bangalore. Lots of top Speakers around the world from diverse areas had come . Peng Joon’s, Program is very expensive for the things what he is teaching. I already knew most of it, but didn’t had any framework to get started up with. I thought by attending this seminar I’ll be in better position to start making money online. But unfortunately. Its like learning same things but there is no system to make money. The system which he shares probably every person who wants to make money online will be already knowing. Cost for attending the seminar was 60,000 Rs. That’s really very expensive.

Here’s the details of his program. I’ve divided this post as 3 day event so continue reading for details.

Overall the session is about inspiring you to do learn strategy of online marketing by selling your product which he will teach you in 3 days.

Before the starting of the seminar we were told to register domains which we would like to enhance in coming days. For doing that the instruction were sent as pre-requisite.  Peng Joon had some deal with webspace provider and the domain provider because of which some discounts would be provided. I didn’t register and in the seminar we were given some temporary domains to work with. Normally it’s when we buy the domain and webspace there would be some commission going to Peng Joon as it was all referral link.

National Achievers Conference


National Achievers Conference or NAC was Hosted in Bangalore in September of 2014. It was organized by Success Resources in collaboration with Success Gyan in India. In this program lot of world famous speakers attended and inspired and motivated about success.  Basically it was partly upselling there product to large crowd. Registration for NAC was about 5000 per person depending on the ticket type you take. There was vip class/Gold class Silver Class and it was for 2 days. It happened on 20th and 21st September 2014.

This conference highlights Indians booming economy and how to harness it. It inspires you to become financially free by becoming financially educated.  Discusses about the 3 pillars of Financial Success

a) Business

b) Stock

c) Real Estate


Following Speakers had come


Les Brown

“If you take responsibility for yourself

You will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.”

– Les Brown

He is world famous speaker. I got inspired by his speech. I had seen his videos in Youtube before also, but wanted to see him in India and that got possible.

He started from very bottom and now he is recognized as one of the top most motivational speakers in the world.

6 Keys to Self Motivation

1) Self Mastery

2) Stop Settling

3) Develop a health plan

4) Live life with energy & Passion

5) Monitor your inner conversations

6) Know why you are doing it.


Robert Kiyosaki

I had read his book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” almost 10 years back. I was very inspired by this book. It was a great opportunity to have Robert Kiyosaki in India.

His talk was basically about Cashflow Quadrant and financial crisis which is going to hit US in 2016 and across the world. Then about the cone of learning. Also discussion went around his favorite topic Financial Statement(Asset and Liability)

Kim Kiyosaki

Robert’s Wife. She also mentioned about Women’s financial literacy. How she was able to build up her real estate business by becoming financially literate.

Gerry Robert

World famous publisher and writer. His book “Publish a Book and Grow Rich” and “Millionaire Mindset” are best sellers. Basically under his mentorship anybody can write a book and publish it. His company will provide the framework to do it. So we need to write book for the business we want to promote. I’ll cover it in details in another blog as I had attended his mentorship program.

Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe

Real Estate Guru. Rohan’s session was about how we can become rich by rolling around with real estate. Basically identify Income producing Property. His program is called Brick By Brick.

1) Brick One

Education & Strategy-> Basically he was comparing with PHD holders who was poor and helpless but with proper strategy anybody can become rich.

Do not invest without strategy

2) Brick Two

5 Key Market(Market Research)

House price to salary ratio.

low – Room for expansion – 2.5 to 5

medium – 5 to 7

Bigger – Property crash – 7 – 9

Action is always rewarded

3) Brick Three

Raising Fund & Power Team

1. O.P.M –> Other peoples money

2. Seller finance

3 Mortgages

4) Brick Four

Analyzing Property (Source & Analyze)

1. Yield

2. Profit(ROI)

3. Cashflow

Look for desperate sellers

Multilet Property

5) Brick Five

Negotiate & Creativity

Know market value

Buy->AddValue->Refinance –> Passive Income –> Money back->Buy


Clinton Swaine

Clinton Swaine started his speaking by demonstrating gymnastics on the stage and also we were made to play one game. His teaching style is basically game oriented. You have to do role playing. So we play to win in Business and in Life. He organizes the teaching so that every body is involved in the game and we do the role playing in the game. Pretty good strategy.


Sidra Jafri

Her talk was basically philosphical and was more on eastern spiritual philosphy.  Understanding destiny and manifesting it.

J.T. Foxx

He more to do with creating brand and sustaining it. His mentorship is about building business and different strategies to make a brand out of it.

Itzik Amiel

His speech was really good and I’ve heard his mentorship is amazing. HI concept was about network marketing and how to become champion in that. Basically how to become an authentic networker, to attract new clients, influence others and deeply connect with your relationships And how these connections can make you successful both professionally and in your personal life.

Courtney Smith

Courtney smith is one of the most successful investors of the last 30 years. He had authored 7 books and had appeared on over 1000 tv shows. He discussed about seasonal investing like when to buy gold and when to sell it as it has seasonal attributes. Also he discussed about different strategies in stock market. Analysis of small cap/mid cap /penny stocks etc. Though I wanted to attend his mentorship it was pretty expensive, hence dropped it.

Peng Joon

He is authority on how to make big money selling digital products online. I’ve given details of his mentorship program as I had attended it, Click here to find out.

Mac Attram

Over the last 13 years, Mac Attram has developed and sold several profitable companies. He is a multi award winning business coach and author. He was the facilitator for NAC program.

There were other speakers as well like the owners of Naturals and the CEO of Success Gyan and Success Resources.

Price list for the Training with Individual speakers.. These are just initial training price after that once you attend the program there will be more upselling.




Guest cost



Peng Joon



Pre Training and life time support

03-05 Oct 2014 BLR (Sat, Sun & Mon)

Itzik Amiel



16-17 Oct 2014 BLR (Thu, Fri)

Sidra Jafra



6 CDs free during the work shop

18-19 Oct 2014 BLR (Sat, Sun)

Gerry Robert



materials during the event

24th-26th Oct 2014 (BLR) (Fri, Sat & Sun)




13-14 November (BLR) (Thu, Fri)




3 Video and 2 audio live streaming online

22-23 Nov 2014 (Sat & Sun)

MMI – vip



thick work book, DVDs and 5 general ticket

MMI November in chennai and bangalore

MMI – General


thick work book

MMI November in chennai and bangalore




1 USB, 20 Min skype call

5th -7th Dec 2014 BLR (Fri, Sat & Sun)




16th-18th Jan 2015 (BLR) (Fri, Sat & Sun)




pre training, webinar support, and trade with his money

24th -25th Jan 2015 (BLR) (Sat, Sun)


Few Pictures  from NAC Seminar


People standing in Queue to enter



Inside the Auditorium


Crowd inside the auditorium


Majority of the speakers, You can see Robert Kiyosaki, His wife, Gerry Robert, Sidra Jafri, Peng Joon



One more snap as above.