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How To Overcome Overeating, Food Addiction And Binge Eating

Eat Healthy


Many people are suffering from binge eating now a days which is also known as BED which is medically proven as a disorder of over eating and it can be dangerous for health as well.


Many people take it for granted that this habit is not that much harmful, but this is a biggest misconception.




Binge eating is one of the most dangerous habit you can have.

Check out this funny video of Puss in Shrek Forever, Poor guy become so fat that he lost his true ability. Though this is funny but has meaning. Life has lot of things to offer other than the taste of food, Don’t lose your happiness and Goal for the sake of Food.



It’s not difficult to overcome overeating or binge eating if you’re will power is strong enough to beat this habit. Foremost is to Love and start believing in yourself. If you don’t Love and Believe in yourself, nobody else would. Believe that you can do it and you can break this habit of overeating. If a Person can believe, I’m sure they can achieve it.


You can overcome this habit by following these simple tips I’m giving below.

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11 Steps To Organized Life

Organized Life


It’s easy to be not organized as compare to be organized in life. Many people want their life to be organized but ends up in losing their motivation to do it in their life.


Organizing life can make you find your stuff at its proper place and it will also manage your time. Your organized life can inspire people and make them feel like you are really good at following your daily time table.




It’s important for everyone to organize and manage things in today’s busy schedule and to accomplish their important tasks on time.


In this article I’m giving some of the tips to make your life more organized and mess free. Follow these simple steps to keep an eye over your tough schedule and make it better and organized.

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Best Paying Jobs In the World

best paying jobs


Do you know which Job pays the most in the world? This information might help you to choose your career in a better way. Though Business is the highest mode of making money but if you are looking for a job then keep reading.

Everyone in this world wants to earn money at any cost because money is most important element of everyone’s life and we all want money to spend it on the things we love. We want to enjoy our life with all the luxuries in the world and it all needs MONEY.

In order to earn good money one of the way is to get a good paying job to survive in this expensive world.

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Riskiest Jobs In The World

Riskiest Jobs


In this world full of luxuries we all want to earn money to spend over our dream life and to give our family all the facilities of the world.

People often find it ok to earn money at any cost, and also at risking their own life for that particular job. There are many people who are doing these tough and most risky jobs in the world to earn money.

There are many people who are not willing to do these risky jobs but they have to do it for the sake of their family and their expenses.

Here we are sharing some of the most riskiest jobs around the world.There are many others like coal miner, deep sea explorer, soldier etc. I’ve considered this list based on our day to day interaction with these people but we don’t really think how much riskiest job they are doing.


1. Street sweepers :

2. Stunt men :

3. Mountains guides :

4. Courier carriers:

5. Lion tamers:

6. Line men :

7. Fire fighters :

8. Astronauts :

9. Police officers

10. Mechanics

11. Search and rescue :

12. Landmine remover :

Keep reading to know how this is risky.

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How To Improve Your Communication!

How to improve your communication


A good communication skill is most important skill in the daily life routine, in our education, relationship and with our friends and family. We must have good communication skills to convey our message clearly to the one we are communicating with . Our success in life is depending upon on how we communicate with outside world and our inside world. If we communicate negatively with ourselves that will have detrimental effect in becoming successful.

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Review of Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program

Tai Lopez 67 Steps review


Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who recently came to fame because of his 67 steps program. He had done different kinds of business and last ended with this program which is an upselling for many of his program and seminars. He currently owns lot of business in different areas but his main fame is because of 67 steps program. You will find in youtube lot of his videos and also ads in facebook.

I recently joined this program through some referral. Actually I started to see his videos in Youtube and got inspired. According to him he is one of the most watched person in the TED talk where he discusses his strategy of reading 1 book per day and this is what he teaches in his program. This video when I checked had more than 5 million views.

Here’s his TED Talk video on Youtube .

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How To Overcome Procrastination!

How to stop Procrastination


Procrastination is a term used when you continuously delay a job given to you. You are not the only one who is delaying or postponing their job, most of the time people delay and suspend their work just because of laziness and nervousness. It’s a Dream Killer, So Take action soon to overcome this issue.

There are many of us who does not like to do their given work on the exact time but if a person is delaying the given job due to fear of failure it means they can neither fail in that job nor can they can succeed. To have a successful finish of the given job one should not delay their job. Try to do it on the given timeline so you will learn new things even after the failure.


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