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12 Principles To Become Expert in Collecting antiques



About antique:


An object which is very high in demand just because of its history and quality is known as antique and collection of antique is really in demand in this modern age.


Antique can be anything which have an interesting story from past and which owns a history behind it. It can be coins, furniture, ornaments or something else. You might have lot of coins and old stuffs which you might have collected over the time and there is a chance that these might be antiques. Old coins if its rare then  you can get good money by selling it but before you do it research well so that you get good price for it.





Most of the people want to buy these antique things In order to sell it later for profit and to earn good money. This is like a business for many of us.


On other hand some of the people buy it just because they are more interested in the history of that antique and want to live every moment of the story related to that piece.


According to antique experts the antique is something which is 100 years old but there are many different definitions for the word ANTIQUE.

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How To Become A Wildlife Photographer

wildlife Photographer


Wildlife photography is not an easy task to do , in order to become most famous wildlife photographer one must face the fear of animals and he must be aware of dangerous deadly accidents which can be happened if no safety precautions taken while doing wildlife photography.


It is one of the most risky and life taking job and people often apply for this job only because of the passion and their love for animals.


You cannot become a good wildlife photographer if you are too much conscious about your health and if you are having too much fear of animals.


If you want to become a successful wildlife photographer you must follow some of the tips given below.

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Vision Board

Vision Board

What is a vision board!

Vision board is a board where all of your dreams, goals or the things which make you happy are placed or assembled on one place in order to complete your life goals you are dreaming of.

We all want our life to be happy and joyful with all of our dreams to be fulfilled and we all want to achieve the best things in life for better and good future. This is what for vision board is. It’s a board of your dreams just like a picture collage to remind you of your dreams and goals to be fulfilled.

If you have seen the movie “the Secret” or read the “Secret” book then you might have seen the experience by “John Ashraf” , He had created an vision board when he was young, i.e. long time ago and that was about a house, he had totally forgotten about it. And years later when he checked his vision board he was living in that house. It somehow manifested to him.

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How To Learn Painting

How to paint


Paintings are the thoughts of the artist and the imaginations of his mind. Painting is a way to express our mind’s thoughts, imagination, inspirations and words more creatively and more deeply. Sometimes it’s really difficult to express our pain or happiness in our expressions and we can take help by painting masterpieces and by converting our thoughts to the beautiful picture…


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How to write effectively!

write effectively



Effective writing! Everyone wants to write effectively whether it’s their school projects or any assignments we want to write effectively and perfect without any mistakes.

If you want to become an effective writer you should learn how to write things clearly and to the point. It needs a lot of practice and a lot of research work. Effective writing is the piece of writing which delivers all of your thoughts and ideas to the reader very clearly without any mistakes and order to write effectively one should must write without any limits but in a very polished way. Making rough draft and creativity is really helpful in writing effectively.

Here are some of the rules to follow in order to write effectively.

1. Be clear about your point of view, don’t use unclear and confusing language to write effectively.

2. Practice makes man perfect, the old quote is a clear tip to tell how a person can write effectively. Practice, practice and practice… In order to write effectively always practice your work and always do some rough writing before the real piece to avoid mistakes.

3. Test yourself by writing new things and write things you are most interested .

4. Shape your thinking, and firstly set up your mind about what you are going to write. For example are you willing to write a story? , or it is some of your school project. organize it clearly …

5. Single out that who is going to read your work? If it’s a school assignment it will differ from the note you read to your friend. The respect level of the note to the teacher should not be forgotten.

6. Give yourself a free hand , write whatever you want to write roughly, first to analyze where it’s all going .set a time limit to write roughly and write whatever is in your mind till the limit is over and check what did you just write .

7. Purpose of your writing should be clear to you and the reader, for example if you are writing a story you must clear the reader that what it is about in few lines before it starts.


8. Organize your writing in order to write effectively, you can organize it by some spider webs or some pictures to clarify it to you first.

9. Paragraphs In the writing is most important and one should know when and how to change the paragraph.

10. Write clearly and point to point, don’t try to be confusing or don’t try to develop suspense in your writing.

11. Your ideas in writing something is important. connect your ideas to the rough draft you have done earlier to make your writing more effective.

12. Give your reader a feeling that he is reading your written work, for a purpose use some information and instructions in the writing to make your work effective.

13. Always try to explain your work by giving full description and information about your written work. for example if you are writing about travelling you must add some guide notes in the written theme to clear the writer what is he reading about .

14. Always focus on your main idea of writing the note and do not be stressed out about the lines you are using to describe it. For example if you are writing your school project your main idea of your assignment’s theme is more important than your words.

15. Always recheck your written work to avoid mistakes and errors to make it effective to the reader.

16. Use good grammar and verbs to make your written work effective.

17. Cut off unnecessary words which are of no use in the writing.

18. Don’t try to add semi colons unnecessarily it will make your written work more confusing. Always use full sentences to deliver your thoughts.

19. Ask your readers to give you advice upon your work after reading in order to make it more error and mistake free.

20. Feel free to write without any rules in order to deliver your creative thoughts without any hesitation.

21. Writing your piece of work again and again can make it better and mistake free so you can write your piece of work more than two to three times for effective writing.

22. Learning new words will help you write effectively and easily make sure the words you are using in your writing are correct ones and you should know the meanings of all the words used in your writing.



A birder is someone who watches birds. The term birder is used interchangeably with bird watcher. However, there are people who believe these words have different meaning. Most people believe that a birder is someone who will normally go for a very long distance to watch birds; it is more of an adventure to them. Bird watchers on the other hand are believed to watch birds near their homes and sometimes in their back yards. Different people have different opinions about this. However, the terms basically mean the same thing. Birding is a very fun activity and can be quite exhilarating.


How to Become a Birder

Majority of the people who are involved in birding are passionate about watching birds and learning more about the different species for fun and research purposes. Birding is however a great hobby. It is an activity that will enable you to learn a lot and will also make you very adventurous. This is because as you continue, you will want to see more and more birds and to do that; you will need to travel to different locations.


There is no specific way of becoming a birder. With the right equipment, you can start bird watching in the simplest way possible. It is however advisable to join a person who has a lot of experience in bird watching. This is important because they are able to give you some tips on where to find the birds, how to use the field guide and they are able to share the experience with you.


Birding alone for the first time can be really boring especially if you do not know the different types of birds or what to look at. It is therefore important to get company from someone who is passionate and has been doing it for a while.


Equipment required for Birding

There are certain things you require to start birding. First and foremost, you need a pair of binoculars with high quality lenses. These are important because they make it possible for you to watch birds that are a distance away. The other things a birder needs are field guides, cameras and high quality lenses. A field guide is a simple guide for birders that has a number of pictures of different birds. When you see different birds, you can compare them with the pictures in your field guide in order to know which bird is which and what they are called.


Bushnell Falcon 7x35 Binoculars with Case


It is very important to be careful when choosing binoculars. This is because there are different types of binoculars in the market. To make sure you have the best binoculars for you, there are several things you should consider.


First and foremost, you need to consider the price of the binoculars and your budget. You need to consider your budget because it enables you to narrow down your search to the binoculars that fall within your price range. You also need a pair that is easy to carry and is comfortable on your eyes. The comfort of the binoculars is mainly determined by how easy it is for you to see through the lens.


Last but not least, you need to consider how light the binoculars are. This is important because birding may involve long distance walking. You need to carry very light equipment in order to get far ad see as many birds as possible.

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Field Guides
When it comes to field guides, there are two types. There is one that uses illustrations and drawings of birds to give you an idea of the type of birds and there is the one that uses drawings. Birders have different preferences when it comes to field guides. It is advisable to have a look at both types in order to decide which one among the two would work the best for you.


Field guides are normally found in book shops and are quite affordable. Another tip on choosing field guides is to choose depending on the side of the country you live. For instance, if you live on the eastern side, it is advisable to go for a field guide that has information on the eastern part only. This is important because it makes it easier for you to match the birds you see since most of them will be include in the guide.

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Camera & Lenses
When choosing lenses and cameras, it is important to ensure you go for the best in the market. This is because you need high quality pictures in order to be able to identify the different birds you see and to make your experience even more enjoyable.

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How to Find Birds

The great thing about birding is the fact that birds can be found anywhere all over the planet. Most people who are just starting out start by watching the birds from their back yard and as they get more experienced, they move to specific locations. It is important to start with places around your home, parks and other nearby places. The best places are where there are trees since birds are likely to be on trees since they rely on trees to build their nests.




Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Kottayam, Kerala, India.


Correct Location
There is no correct location when it comes to bird watching. You simply need to go where the birds are. Places that have a lot of trees tend to have the most birds compared to those that do not. You can join a bird watching club or join a birder who has been doing it for a while. This will help you identify the different and best places to watch birds in your areas and will make it more fun for you.
Seasons are very important when you are a birder. This is because bird numbers are affected with changes in the seasons. During spring and fall, birds tend to migrate to different locations. In these seasons, you will be able to spot a large number of birds since they normally move in groups. In the winter, you will not be able to see as many birds since most of them migrate to other places.

The breeding season is another season where birds are not in large numbers. In this season, you can visit the birds’ nests but it is important to be very careful not to disturb the birds since this is a very important stage in their lifecycle. Again, having a friend who is an experienced birder will enable you to know where to find birds during different seasons.


Movies & Videos

One of the good movie which you can watch is “The Big Year”, It’s a very interesting movie and its about competition held every year in US for bird watching. The people who identify and mark the maximum number of birds in a year would win this competition.  In this movie you can see top 3 stars fighting to win the Big Year. I liked this movie because for me who love birds, this is kind of interesting and adventurous.

The Big Year


Videos about Bird Watching

Adventures in Bird watching


That’s all Folks, Enjoy good time watching birds. Its really worth it.