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How To Overcome Overeating, Food Addiction And Binge Eating

Eat Healthy


Many people are suffering from binge eating now a days which is also known as BED which is medically proven as a disorder of over eating and it can be dangerous for health as well.


Many people take it for granted that this habit is not that much harmful, but this is a biggest misconception.




Binge eating is one of the most dangerous habit you can have.

Check out this funny video of Puss in Shrek Forever, Poor guy become so fat that he lost his true ability. Though this is funny but has meaning. Life has lot of things to offer other than the taste of food, Don’t lose your happiness and Goal for the sake of Food.



It’s not difficult to overcome overeating or binge eating if you’re will power is strong enough to beat this habit. Foremost is to Love and start believing in yourself. If you don’t Love and Believe in yourself, nobody else would. Believe that you can do it and you can break this habit of overeating. If a Person can believe, I’m sure they can achieve it.


You can overcome this habit by following these simple tips I’m giving below.

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How to start Organic farming!

organic farming


About organic farming!

Organic farming is a term used for the farmers who grow healthier and better products in their garden without using any types of chemicals, in order to deliver more healthy and nutritious products in the market. Did you know that retail sales from Organic farming has become more than 50 billion dollar industry and its the way to go.


Organic farming is not very expensive to start because it does not include any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in order to grow the product. The all process in organic farming is done naturally and no artificial chemicals needed in order to become an organic farmer.


Organic Farming


Keep reading for more information..

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How to Wake up Early!!!

Early Riser


For many of us, waking up early is really a difficult job to do and some of us just can’t be wake up properly without having 2 to three cups of caffeine in morning , or people want to have some extra time like little morning naps to wake up properly.

To overcome these habits one need to reboot their night and sleeping routine once again.

Here are some useful tips to help people in waking up early.

Early to bed!

This is one of the most important tip people can use to wake up early if you want to wake up early you must follow the tip no 1 that go to bed early in night so that you can easily wake up early in the morning .. If a person sleep for 8 straight hours it can be helpful in waking up early. If a person continuously follow this tip one will be a morning person in a very short period of time.

Do not snooze!

Yes! Do not snooze your alarm after its first ring, snoozing your alarm and go back to sleep can’t help you to wake up on your desired dead line… Keep this in your mind if your alarm bell rings, stand up and do not think of 10 minutes extra sleep.

Deceive your Brain!

If you are a night owl your brain will tell you to sleep for 10 more minutes after your alarm bell but do not let your brain do this and instead of letting your brain trick you, trick your brain and get up at the very first bell of your alarm.

Plan to wake up early!

Make a plan that you want to wake up early and set your morning routine. Tell your brain why you want to wake up early, what will you miss if you fail to wake up early. Your brain should know that waking up early is very important for you and you just can’t miss a single morning routine for the sake of your 10 minutes MORE sleep.

Setting your Alarm!

Setting your alarm in need to wake up early plays a vital role in one’s life. If you want to wake up early you need to set your alarm 15 minutes before the actual time you want to get up. Use this tip until you start waking up on your desired time.

For example if you want to wake up at 8:00 am in the morning set your alarm at 7:45 am it will help you wake up at your desired dead line easily .

Feel passionate!

Feel passionate to wake up early and tell your brain that you are really thrilled to wake up early this trick will send your brain a signal that you are really excited to wake up early in the morning and in that case your brain will stop to resist you from waking up early by that 10 or 5 minutes MORE sleep and you will easily get up early in the morning on your alarm time

Place your alarm clock away!

In order to wake up early one need to put their alarm clock far away from them. Yes! This time your alarm clock will help you in waking up early. After setting your alarm, put your alarm clock far away from your hand so that you just can’t shut it off on the first ring and in order to shut it off you need to stand up which will help you in waking up.

Advantages of waking up!

There are many advantages of waking up early, if a person wakes up early he gets more time and energy to fulfill the daily needs. One can have extra time for extra activities like spending time with friends or family, they can have time for workouts and office work.

Students who rise early can score better grades with fresh brain. Waking up early can make one feel active and inspired by the nature. One who wake up early can plan their weekends and weekdays and any other official matter better than who do not wake up early…

Morning people feel light and satisfactory whole day while working and it make them feel happy. Another advantage of waking up early is that you can have your breakfast properly many people who do not wake up properly can’t have their breakfast which effects their daily need of proteins and minerals and result in bad health. Early risers have an advantage of not getting rush into traffic they can easily drive to their destiny in morning because there is no traffic jam in morning time.

The bottom line is that if a person want to get up early in the morning should follow these simple tips and remember the old quote:

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise “

If you need more tips to wake up early, Here’s a good book which gives more information about how to become early riser, which you can purchase from Amazon. I am pasting the link below. This will give you more ideas to wake up early,  in addition it also has some facts about celebrities who are taking advantage of waking up early.

Here is the link to the book. Visit Amazon to Purchase the Book. Or you can click on the image below to open in amazon.


How to lose weight in just 7 days (GM Diet Plan)

GM Diet


GM diet is anybody’s diet if you want to loose 4- 7 kg in 1 week. I wanted to try this for very long time but didn’t’ get chance. So today I decided I’ll do this for a week and see if it works. You can lose up to 7 kg in a week time.


Here’s the brief information about GM Diet.

GM diet was originally developed by General motors, in association with Food and Drug Administration and US dept. of Agriculture for their employees. The reason it got introduced was to increase productivity by making employees more healthy. Results were astonishing as it resulted in lose of 10 to 17 pounds in 7 days or in a week time. Also workers were experiencing more productivity, confidence and higher energy.

Here’s the plan(GM Diet Chart, 7 day planner)


Its about eating fruits, vegetable, brown rice and chicken or beef and drinking lots of water

During the GM diet you are suppose to drink 10 glass of water every day.


GM Diet Day 1

Eat any fruit other than Banana, no restriction on quantity. If you go with water melon that would be good start.


GM Diet Day 2

Eat vegetables this day. Either you can eat cooked for raw, it doesn’t matter. You can baked potato also with little butter this day.


GM Diet Day 3

NO Banana or Potato. You can eat mix of fruits and vegetables. Body is preparing to burn extra fat.



GM Diet Day 4

You can have Banana, Milk and soup. Soup recipe I’ve given below.  Quantity prescribed is max 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. You will lose your craving for sweet from this day onwards. Body will get sufficient quantity of potassium and sodium this day from the food.


GM Diet Day 5

You can have beef and tomatoes, You can change beef to chicken if you want. Its unto you. Restrict yourself to 6 whole tomatoes and two 10 oz. of beef/chicken. You can reduce the beef intake you have to eat all the tomatoes. Consuming beef produces uric acid hence its suggested you drink additional quantity of water other than what’s prescribed, that is 10 glass of water + additional water.


GM Diet Day 6

Again today you will eat Beef or Chicken but replace tomatoes with vegetables of your choice.


GM Diet Day 7

Eat brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited quantity of vegetables.


GM Diet Soup

To make the soup…

          • add water
          • two green peppers
          • six large onions
          • fresh or canned tomatoes
          • a bunch of celery
          • one cabbage
          • chicken soup stock
          • and salt and pepper to taste

Chop vegetables and combine all ingredients in a large soup pot. Simmer for at least 45 minutes or until the vegetables are fully cooked. For a slight variation, try grilling the fresh vegetables before adding them to water.



My experiment result.

For my soup, I didn’t put the chicken soup stock.

I drank 10 glass of water everyday during this diet.

Starting weight – 96.9

Day Weight Comments
GM Diet Day 1 96.9 I had water melon whenever I was feeling hungry.  I planned to stick with water melon but you can choose any fruit other than banana on day 1. Water Melon was easy to find and has water content to make you filled quickly.
GM Diet Day 2 96 Lost more than 1 kg in 1 day. It is working.Today I was eating cooked vegetables whenever I felt hungry also had Fried Potato .
GM Diet Day 3 96 Had Oranges, water melon and had cooked vegetables
GM Diet Day 4 94.2 Had Around 7 bananas and 3 glasses of milk also made soup. For soup I didn’t put chicken stock.
GM Diet Day 5 93.9 Had Chicken and 6 tomatoes. I was craving for sweet actually but didn’t give up.
GM Diet Day 6 93.5 Had Chicken  and vegetables. Was feeling hungry to have some carbohydrate but I controlled it.  Smile
GM Diet Day 7 (Grand Finale) 93 I had brown rice and lots of vegetables. In fact whenever possible I was having vegetables. Vegetable appetite had increased a lot.

So overall I lost around 4 kg in this 7 day diet. So GM Diet really works and whenever we feel overweight we can give it a try. This will also be acting as detox. So all the best with your trial. Smile


Have a Great Day..

Learning How to Play Lawn Tennis


I and one of my colleague decided to learn Lawn Tennis(Field Tennis). I wanted to play it because I’ve heard it requires lot of stamina and I wanted to loose weight quickly and I think this will be good choice.

Its an expensive game. All the coaching center which we enquired near to our house is kind of expensive. Except the SRS club it, but it has only 2 court and there is lot of people in queue, And the person is planning to join us only after 3 months. The equipment is also costly. A good Racket will cost around 14000 to 18000 Rs. We checked in Decathlon and they have variety around 2000 to 3000 but we checked with few coaches and they suggest its not of good quality. Again we need to buy tennis shoes and shorts.

So overall

1. Coaching for 1 – 3 months – 9000 To 15000 Rs

2. Racket – 2000 to 18000 Rs

3. Tennis Shoes – 1200 to 5000 Rs

4. Shorts – 799 To 2000 Rs

Racket is of different kind. So while selecting racket the condition we need to know is whether we are going to use is for Occasional or Regular purpose. Occasionally would be once in a month but Regular would be playing everyday.

Here’s the price list for different coaching center.


  Coaching Center Price Comment
1 TopSpin Tennis Academy 4500/Month – 5 day classes every week

3500/Month – 3 day classes every week

2500/Month – 2 day Weekend classes

500 Rs Registration

We spoke with one guy named Vinod, We was friendly and was answering to every query we had.
They have about 4 courts for Tennis, Also they have Gym, So if anybody want to do workout, they can do it as well. You can find more details here
2 SRS Club 1500/Month – 6 Days classes every week. Had only 2 Tennis court and process to get admission is difficult, you need to get reference from somebody who is member of the club. We spoke with the coach, he said to us, come after 3 months as now the members are full. He was not keen on getting us.
3 Kuttuba garden 2500/Month – Weekend classes They have only weekend classes. They have 3 courts, it was well maintained courts.
4 Sri Sri Tennis Academy 3500/Month – 5 days class

3000/Month – 3 days class

1000 Registration

They have 6 courts but its little open, so there won’t be any shade around. You have to play in sun. We negotiated for 3000 Rs and the coach was friendly.

5 Bangalore Tennis Academy 5000/Month – 6 days week

3500/Month – 3 days week

2500/Month – weekend classes

They have 6 courts and its well maintained. But is really expensive. And they were not willing to negotiate. Its little inside but location is really good as its in shade

Will update soon for the techniques for learning it.

How to lose 10 kg in 30 days?

How to lose weight


Two years back my weight was 80 KG, And there was my marriage after that I kept on gaining weight, When it was 110, I started to look for options for loosing weight. In between I tried multiple things. Like Juice diet, Brisk walking in the morning, It all helped me to loose but I was never consistent with these. Now in June I started to listen to Affirmations for stopping procrastination and it helped me to gain momentum in lot of things. Main thing was to apply some strategy and be consistent in that. So I started a plan, Plan was to loose 5 kg every month so that by the end of year, I’ll loose 30 KG. During this time I started to read the book by Timothy Ferris (4 Hour Body), And that really gave me a good plan to get started up with loosing weight. Here’s what I’ve done.

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