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How To Create Free Landing Page Using Google Form

Free Landing Page


You can create free landing page using Google Form instead of purchasing some expensive option, Though it might be limited in lot of senses but if your purpose is just to collect the email then this should be sufficient.

I tried to find free landing page which I can use for my website but couldn’t. I had tried majority of the free landing page available but didn’t find anything simple like Google Form. Also just creating landing page doesn’t auto respond for the email subscription. Commercially available Landing pages with email support are expensive as its per month based. I was looking for some simple solution for time being, So I experimented with Google Form and at last came up with this solution..

You can use Google Form on a Squeeze page where you can insert the Form in the Opt In section. I’ve given 2 method one using embedded content and another just using elements which we require from the form section.

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Peng Joon Three Day Seminar – Day 2

Today we discussed Following
1. Setting up Member page
2. Hooking up with Paypal
3. Soft Launch

Few Pics from the session.

The roomInternet Income Intensive

Peng Joon speaking

Peng Joon Three Day Seminar- Day 1

Yesterday started to attend the Peng Joon’s 3 day seminar on Internet Marketing, Its called “Internet Income Intensive”. 1st day he taught about,
1. Keywords
2. Attitude
3. Domain registration
4. Hosting
5. We created About, Contact and Offer Page.

Creation of offer page took long time, As we had to type all the sample template content in the page. Majority of the things which he covered I already had read and practiced to some extent. Let see how the 2nd day would be.