Bible Study

Bible Study


1 Corinthians 12

Paul says’ there is only one spirit but different gift by same spirit.These are the gifts of Holy Spirit

1) Message of Wisdom

2) Message Of Knowledge

3) Faith

4) Healing

5) Miraculous power

6) Prophecy

7) Distinguishing between spirits

8) Speaking in Different kinds of Tongues

9) Interpretation of Tongues

These gifts are given by Holy Spirit just as he determines.

We are one body in Christ just like we have different parts in our body each part has its own importance. We are the body of the Christ. In church these are the different bodies

1) Apostles

2) Prophets

3) Teachers

4) Workers of Miracles

5) Those having Gifts of Healing

6) Those able to help others

7) Those with gifts of administration

8)Those speaking in different kinds of tongues


Genesis 28

Now afraid of Esau, Jacob left to his mothers father land, Where he was planning to find wife for himself. Actually it was suggested by his mother to his father and and Isaac blessed Jacob and send him for the journey. On the way in the night while sleeping he saw a dream in which a staircase from Heaven was on Earth and in Heaven he could see the Lord. And angels were descending and ascending on it. Lord then spoke to him and said, all this land will be his as God had promised his Father Isaac and Grand Father Abraham. He build a altar and called the place Bethel(House of God). He then decided that if God protects him and takes care of him then he will give 10th of whatever God gives him.

Isaiah 47

God warns Babylon and mentions that its fall is due, It was proud thinking that there won’t be any fall for it but its going to happen. He challenges the astrologers to predict but he says that nobody will be there to protect the.


Job 17

Job continues the speech and says his plans have all shattered. He challenges his friends and says “I will not find a wise man among you”.

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