Best places in the world to settle down

Best places in the world to settle down


Making a decision of settling down in some other country or a place is bit difficult now a days. In order to have a decision of settling down in other country we have to think about a lot of things, facts about the place and the people living already there.

In order to select another place for settling down and to spend entire life there one should must have done some research and have knowledge about that place. Knowledge about its culture, climate, people, its language to spend good time there.

We must also know about the work percentage about the place because everyone wants to live happy joyful and satisfied life and to spend our dream life we must have good source of income in that particular country.

The points on which a country can be a good place to settled down are , uninterrupted electricity , good weather, good source of income, good internet connection, people living in that area or country should be loving and caring and people can easily understand your language there . Another most important thing to settling down in other country is the corruption rate and crime rate of that country. no one wants to get involved and be the victim of street crimes. Here is the list of some safest countries people want to settle down in for their better future.

1. Australia!

It is one of the highest demanded place on earth. The people of Australia are most friendly in the world, they always respect the differences and are sincere people. Students wants to spend their life in Australia because of good opportunities given to students and professionals by the government of Australia. The hospital system of Australia is very nice and they care their patients a lot other than any country.

2. Japan!

Japan is another most demanded country , which people suggests to settle down for their entire life because the crime rate in japan is very low the rules and laws are very strict there . People of japan respects every culture and are very good in nature.

3. Canada!

Another country is Canada. Most of the people wants to visit Canada for the better healing of their diseases because they provide excellent health facilities to the people living in Canada. Weather conditions of Canada are fine but when it comes to employment and jobs there are many jobs waiting for you in Canada and they accept people from every occupation.

4. Denmark!


A small country but worth to settle down, English is their secondary language so everyone can speak English there and can understand you easily. Denmark is famous for its freedom, people of Denmark let you live the life you want.

5. New Zealand!

It is another beautiful and most popular place among people who wants to settle down in another country. The laws are strict in New Zealand and punishments are very tough. It is one of the corruption free country of the world. The plus point of this country is its beautiful mountains and glaciers one should must visit in his lifetime.

6. Switzerland!

Heaven on earth! Switzerland is the best place to settle down according a survey. People of Switzerland are very sweet and caring and always welcome the outsiders with open heart. Due to strict laws this is also one of the low corrupted country in the world.

7. America!

One of the safest country is, due to its very low crime rate is America in which people want to settle down for their life and spend good life. The climate conditions are very good and there are a lot of good job opportunities in this country.

8. United Arab Emirates!

The Muslim country United Arab Emirates is famous for its strict sharia laws to control crime rate and it is also one of the best places to spend life according to people.

9. England!

Another best country to spend the most desirable life. The weather conditions is very fine there. People of England are very friendly and welcome outsiders with open arms. Street crimes are very low in percentage and there are many job opportunities for every occupation. In short, it is one of the most demanded country of the world.

Above is the list of some very safest countries one can live this life in, with very frank natured people and with good income source. The above list is prepared on the human preferences and according to their suggestions.

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