Hi There,

I’m George M Kurian, from India. Currently working in Bangalore In a Software Company. I was born and brought up in Munger, Bihar. After that, I did my engineering in Kerala which is my native place.  Munger is a place which I’ll never forget in my life, So beautiful and vibrant, Maybe I’m bit partial toward it because I was born there but once you live and experience the place you would always want to go back.

In Camlot Munnar

In Camlot Munnar

I started this blog as a motivation for myself as well for others. I want to cover in this blog all the things which have helped me in my life. I believe this would help others as well.  Things I want to share is “How to become financially free”, “Technologies”, “Strategies for making money”, “Travel”, “Investment” etc, These are learning items for myself and I would like to share it with others  so that they can also benefit from it, I would like to share my hobbies and strategies as well which have helped me.


Have a Good day.

–George M Kurian