25 Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

25 Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

Do you love adventures? Or are you a nature lover? This article is for you for sure. Many people always keep finding some exciting places to visit and willing to explore their incredibility. Many of us wants to visit as much beautiful places as they can to soothe their present life and to enjoy it.



People love to visit natural places and most of them write about their specialty or about their experience throughout the beautiful journey.


There are many places in this world, which should be visited by you if who love beauty of nature and if you love to capture beautiful nature.


Here is a list of some places one should visit in one’s life before death.


1. Pyramids of GIZA, Egypt!

It is one of the ancient wonders of the world and really amazing place to visit. The great pyramid of Giza is still standing there as a biggest unnatural architecture for about 3, 800 years.




2.The great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Austria!




The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest of titian beaches and is also one of the biggest wonder of the world.


It can be seen from space as well due to its size. One can dive in it to experience underwater life.


3. Salar Di Uyuni, Bolivia!



It is biggest salt flat in the world, occupying 4, 086 square miles which is developed from many old lakes, it is said to be the world’s biggest mirror and a beautiful place to visit before you die.


4. Machu, Picchu, Peru!




It’s an ancient view of the mountain on an angelic valley which looks like a beautiful scenery and a beautiful natural place to visit.


5. Pamukalle, Turkey!




Another beautiful place to visit before you last see sun, it always amazes travelers and make them feel joyful it’s a beautiful natural area one should must visit in his life.


6. Victoria Falls, Zambia!




Victoria Falls one of the largest water falls of the world which always inspire its visitors.

It is 354 feet high with more than 260,000 gallons of water flowing per second.


7. Venice, Italy!




Venice is a beautiful place to visit in life, perfect and beautiful view will touch your heart and the canals through the roads is a really different way to travel through the area.


8. Lencois, maranhenses, Brazil!


Beautiful combination of white sand valleys and luminous blue colored sea you will love to visit which will soothe your mind.


9. Glacier National Park, Montana, USA!



Glacier national park is one of the most beautiful views of the world which consists a lot of mountains, crystal blue lakes and forests there are about 700 miles of aisles to enjoy this wonderful place which always amazes its visitors.


10. Angkor wat, Cambodia!



It’s an ancient holy temple of Hindu and Buddhist built in 12th century and still a beautiful place worth a visit.


11. Stonehenge, Amesbury, England!



There are many stories revolving around this place and who believes in myths, believes these stories as well but it’s definitely a beautiful sight to visit and its worth capturing at sunsets to have a look on these glowing stones.

12. The Azores!




The combination of many volcanic islands in the north of Atlantic are known as The Azores and very famous for its very beautiful geographic view.


13. Tianzi Mountains, China!



They are located in the province of china, named Hunan. It can be viewed clearly from the cable car.


14. Petra, Jordan!



It was found by john Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812 and it is one of the most famous places of Middle East…


15. Bagan, Burma!




An old city in the Mandalay region of Burma. Bagan is very famous for its temples and pagodas.


16. Ayers Rock!



Ayer’s rocks are also known as “ULURU” it is said to be biggest single rock in whole world and it’s also one of the most common landmark of Austria.


17. Preikestolen, Norway





This is also known as the preacher’s pulpit and is a 600 meter high cliff which is filled by ice in winter and the view in summer is really very beautiful.


18. The Twelve Apostles, Australia!




The huge limestone in the coast of port Campbell national park in Australia is a beautiful place to visit.


19. Angel Falls, Venezuela!



It is located in Venezuelan jungle and is the one of the biggest water falls of the world, it is 3,211 feet high.


20. Ha long Bay, Vietnam!



Ha long bay is famous and known for its large limestone islands which are rising out of its area.


21. The Wave, Arizona!



These sandstone located near the Arizona and border of Utah and is really popular for its colorful view.


22. The Maldives!



One can never ever miss Maldives to visit before you pass on. It is one of the most beautiful beach in the world and famous for its soothing natural sight.


23. Monument Valley, Utah!



The bunch of sandstone in monument valley are famous for its 1,000 feet high sandstone.


24. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand!



After the destruction from tsunami it is still visited by thousands of visitors and tourists every year for its beauty.


25. Socotra, Yemen!



This is very famous for its very different floras and fauna this is one of the most visited place in the world.

That’s all Folks 🙂 .. Have a great time if you visit these places.. Comment below if you like this article.

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