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These videos have always inspired me to go ahead in life in spite of all setbacks. Check it out.












Internet Income Intensive


This seminar is hosted by Peng Joon, Who is an Online marketer and Entrepreneur.I really came to know about him when I attended the program called National Achievers Conference held in Bangalore. Lots of top Speakers around the world from diverse areas had come . Peng Joon’s, Program is very expensive for the things what he is teaching. I already knew most of it, but didn’t had any framework to get started up with. I thought by attending this seminar I’ll be in better position to start making money online. But unfortunately. Its like learning same things but there is no system to make money. The system which he shares probably every person who wants to make money online will be already knowing. Cost for attending the seminar was 60,000 Rs. That’s really very expensive.

Here’s the details of his program. I’ve divided this post as 3 day event so continue reading for details.

Overall the session is about inspiring you to do learn strategy of online marketing by selling your product which he will teach you in 3 days.

Before the starting of the seminar we were told to register domains which we would like to enhance in coming days. For doing that the instruction were sent as pre-requisite.  Peng Joon had some deal with webspace provider and the domain provider because of which some discounts would be provided. I didn’t register and in the seminar we were given some temporary domains to work with. Normally it’s when we buy the domain and webspace there would be some commission going to Peng Joon as it was all referral link.

Peng Joon Three Day Seminar – Day 2

Today we discussed Following
1. Setting up Member page
2. Hooking up with Paypal
3. Soft Launch

Few Pics from the session.

The roomInternet Income Intensive

Peng Joon speaking

Peng Joon Three Day Seminar- Day 1

Yesterday started to attend the Peng Joon’s 3 day seminar on Internet Marketing, Its called “Internet Income Intensive”. 1st day he taught about,
1. Keywords
2. Attitude
3. Domain registration
4. Hosting
5. We created About, Contact and Offer Page.

Creation of offer page took long time, As we had to type all the sample template content in the page. Majority of the things which he covered I already had read and practiced to some extent. Let see how the 2nd day would be.