12 Principles To Become Expert in Collecting antiques

12 Principles To Become Expert in Collecting antiques


About antique:


An object which is very high in demand just because of its history and quality is known as antique and collection of antique is really in demand in this modern age.


Antique can be anything which have an interesting story from past and which owns a history behind it. It can be coins, furniture, ornaments or something else. You might have lot of coins and old stuffs which you might have collected over the time and there is a chance that these might be antiques. Old coins if its rare then  you can get good money by selling it but before you do it research well so that you get good price for it.





Most of the people want to buy these antique things In order to sell it later for profit and to earn good money. This is like a business for many of us.


On other hand some of the people buy it just because they are more interested in the history of that antique and want to live every moment of the story related to that piece.


According to antique experts the antique is something which is 100 years old but there are many different definitions for the word ANTIQUE.



How to start Collecting antiques:


Collecting antiques is real passionate hobby and one can collect antiques on the basis of these tips.


1. Your interest :

You can start collecting antiques on the basis of your interest and passion. if you are passionate about collecting anything related to past and is historic then it’s an easy job but if you are interested only in ornaments or some other particular things you must do some research like:  From where to buy and how to buy these.


2. Start from smaller:

Always start from the smaller item of your interest, this can help you in collecting from top of the things related to antiques.


3. Auction centers :

You can visit auction centers for the best antique pieces, You can also learn,  what are most demanding antique and what people are interested to buy. The guides can also help you to make right decision on correct bidding and which items to bid.


4. Authenticity of your antique :

You can buy the antique piece of your choice from an authentic dealer in order to be sure about its authenticity and you must verify the antique piece to avoid any fake purchases.


5. Always love what you buy :

This is important, you must love the antique pieces you are buying regardless of its price and later it will be profitable for you when its value increases.


6. To earn profit on your antique pieces:

You must buy the pieces which are low in price at that time and you can earn profit after it is out of stock: for example the old ornaments or old utensils.


7. Difference between vintage and antique :

In order to start collecting antiques you must be aware of the difference between antique and vintage. Vintage are usually the things from the early 40s, 50s and 60s while antique is something 100 years old.


8. Selling antiques :

Selling antiques for profit is easy, You can take your antique pieces to the auction centers or can sell it through online advertisement of your piece. There are shops like pawn center or antique shops where you can compare and get the correct price. You can also sell it through ebay. Before you sell you need research well on the antique otherwise you can get fooled by people.


9. Searching internet :

You can search internet to collect antiques. There are online antique sites which are willing to buy or sell antique pieces.


10. Asking for discounts :

You should definetely bargain or negotiate before buying. Don’t go with offered price, The seller might have increase price thinking that you will negotiate. So ask for discounts on the antique piece while buying.


11. Legal documents :

One must collect and save all the legal documents and sales or buying receipt while collecting or buying antique.


12. What to collect :

The antique piece you are willing to buy must hold your interest because antique which does not hold your interest is of no use and is a wastage of your money.


You can invest your money in buying old Victorian pendants, old furniture, old music instruments and accessories, gold or silver trophies of your favorite players, old coins, old pictures, historical sculptures, old paintings, metal ware, old portraits, old swords used in wars , old pots , lighters , lamps and many more ..

You can sell your collected antique piece when it’s high in demand to earn profit from them. This buying and selling is sort of business many people are involved in now a days.

You can also collect antiques by hiring a guide to mentor you about antiques and about earning profit from it.



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