11 Steps To Organized Life

11 Steps To Organized Life


It’s easy to be not organized as compare to be organized in life. Many people want their life to be organized but ends up in losing their motivation to do it in their life.


Organizing life can make you find your stuff at its proper place and it will also manage your time. Your organized life can inspire people and make them feel like you are really good at following your daily time table.




It’s important for everyone to organize and manage things in today’s busy schedule and to accomplish their important tasks on time.


In this article I’m giving some of the tips to make your life more organized and mess free. Follow these simple steps to keep an eye over your tough schedule and make it better and organized.

Tips to be organized in life:


1.Time table :

Making a time table is the most important step in organizing your life, you must note down each and every details of your day to make your life more organized. Have a lot upon your important task and give them priority in your list. You can also make your schedule of one to two weeks if you have no time to make it daily. You can also recreate your schedule if needed.  Normally time table should associated with your Goals. Basically if a time table or a task is helping you to achieve your goals in long run then its productive or organizing your life else its just waste of time and indirectly you are adding to procrastination. I’ll cover in details about goal setting and how to achieve it in another blog post.


2.Cut off un necessary stuff :

Cutting off unnecessary things which will make your schedule tougher can make your life much relaxed. Try to cut down the activities from your daily schedule list to utilize extra time in completing important tasks.


3.Making a Checklist :

You need to make a check list for your daily routine, it will help you in organizing your life. Try to check your list after completing tasks to make your brain realize that you have done a lot of important tasks today and it will help your brain to release some pressure. Actually there is study done in this regard which claims that using checklist and checking the finished task releases endorphin which is feel good hormone and is really good for you.


4.Make separate portions :

You should make separate portions in your list to make your mind clear about your activities for example if you are a student you can make a column for study and activities related to studies and a separate column for other activities like gym , playing games or watching TV .


5.Make a habit to set alarm :

You must develop a habit of setting alarm while doing anything according to your list, for example you can set alarm while playing games or watching TV to make you realize that the given time is over and now you should do your other important tasks listed in your check list.


6.Updating check list :

You should update your checklist after completing any task to check what tasks are still left and if all the written tasks have completed before the end of the day then you can add some other important tasks to your list.


7.Time is money :

Time is money and you should utilize it in right place, Do not spend time in leisure activities when you have lot of important tasks left to be done.


8.Setting target date :

You can set a time limit in your check list to make your life more organized. Setting time limit will help you in doing your important task on time by making you realize that this written task should be done at particular deadline.


9.Reward system :

Reward yourself after accomplishing different tasks like studying or completing your important office work. You can reward yourself by meeting friends in your break hours or having your favourite dishes.


10. Sleep early :

Sleeping early can make your checklist fulfilled easily as compare to staying up late and rising late in the morning. You should make a habit of sleeping early, you will realize that you are easily completed your tasks mentioned in checklist. Sleeping early is a part of making your life organized.


11. Instructions :

Make your check list clear to yourself by note down some important instructions in front of every task. For example if you are having a swimming class early in the morning you should instruct yourself to take your swimming costume with you to avoid any troubles in finding it while leaving for the class.


You should also make a habit of making a reminder note on your working table to check over your checklist it will help you in organizing life in a better way.


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